Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teacher Story - A Role-Playing Education Game!

In Teacher Story, you're the teacher!

It's up to you to make sure all your students advance to the next school year...
Watch out though, none of them are planning on making any effort whatsoever!
Teacher Story, a survival game set in the most hostile of environments: The Education System! 

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By: BikinFiiilm 

Nekat menghabiskan uangnya karena ajakan teman untuk pergi ke bazar akhir bulan merupakan pilihan yang kurang tepat yang dilakukan Dalle kali ini. Perpanjangan kontrak sebagai pekerja lepas admin media sosial ternyata belum ditandatangani oleh kepala bagian HRD yang menyebabkan gajinya bulan ini belum bisa ditransfer ke rekeningnya tepat waktu. Usaha apa yang akan dilakukannya untuk bertahan hidup?

Dalle spend her last money recklessly because the invitation of her friends to go to the bazaar end of the month. Unfortunately it's a wrong decision which was made by ​​Dalle at this time. The extension of her contract as a freelancer of social media admin has yet to be signed by the head of HR is causing her salary cant be transferred to the account on time. So, what would she do to survive until she gets her money?

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