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[Vadisaga - Quest for the Right Way] Golden Adventure RMVX -Preview of the W...


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[VadisGames - Fully Loaded!] tifa vs rinoa on svr06 ps2


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[VadisGames - Fully Loaded!] MUGEN: Homer vs Fred Flinstone
Ah...Two cartoon crazies beating the hell outta each other...


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[vadismart - the cybermall] BBH MUGEN: Homer Simpson vs MichaelJackson
Two American pop culture icons clash in an epic battle of epic proportions!

And... yeah, that's all I got. Go watch and enjoy the video already.


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[Riverstream Rhapsody] MUGEN - Homer Simpson Vs Peter Griffin

Its The Simpsons Vs Family Guy with Homer Against Peter


Characters by Warner el Tochix & JudgeSpear


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[Riverstream Rhapsody] Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson


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[Riverstream Rhapsody] Family Guy - The Original Chicken Fight

Peter fights a chicken because the chicken gave him a coupon that has expired. S2 Ep3.


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[Riverstream Rhapsody] Family Guy - Who Wants Chowder?

Peter challenges the guys to a bet that leads to a puke fest culminating in a chowder puke-a-thon.


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[FireHeart Saga] The Crimson Warrior - Cathy Dannhauser

A deadly plague completely destroys the human race. The only evidence of human existence is the remaining artifacts, now pawed around by the Earth’s new masters. But then again, cats are curious creatures.

The cats have lived in peace for many years. Now their very existence is threatened by the hounds. Once dogs, these horrible creatures were too violent and ruthless to be accepted by their own kind. As they ravage the Earth, conquering civilization after civilization, the cat clans desperately search for a warrior to help them unite against this formidable force.

This is how it begins:


It was the year of the Rat—and the day everything changed. Mankind was at the height of its destructive nature. The air was so polluted you could barely breathe without a mask. Crime was the new law, and governments more corrupt than common street thugs. Mankind’s seed had filled the earth to bursting point; housing was a rarity only those with a six-figure monthly salary could afford, and even then it was the merest rathole of a stinking place with four walls and a low, dripping ceiling. Only one oasis was left in the whole world where wild animals were held in small enclosures, with real trees and bushes—in California. And even this zoo was under threat. The American Government wanted to demolish the zoo. They needed the space for housing developments, but the Animal Rights Activist Group wouldn’t let them, and fought with tooth and nail for the lives of the animals residing there.

The battle in the courtrooms had been raging for more than ten years until the Government finally found the correct pay-off—the zoo would be demolished and the animals destroyed to make way for more housing . . . more space for the criminals to breathe in.

The group of Animal Rights Activists saw their hopes crash and burn. Destroying innocent creatures that were their, the human race’s, responsibility—it marked the end of civilization. The end of taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

Then their leader had a plan. A desperate, final plan: Plague . . .

Luckily, a few of their number had work in the CDC, the Centre of Disease Control—and two of them had the highest clearance obtainable. They engineered the most beautiful, the most deadly, the most virulent plague ever imagined. No expense was spared for the silence of guards, fellow employees and anyone else connected to their scheme.

It was genetically engineered to affect only humans and it had a built-in ‘time delay’, as it were, so it would only work after a certain amount of time to ensure that everyone had been infected. It was a virulent airborne virus—the moment a person breathed it, in that person started coughing, the virus spore thus jumping to the next person to inhale it, and so on. The coughing would worsen for three days. Then the virus would hit—killing instantly. It would turn the insides of a person into mush in twenty seconds. As a fail safe, the virus was engineered to leave the body in a noxious gas, infecting any passers-by.

The virus was filtered into an innocent looking, unmarked, 250ml aerosol can. Every member of the activists received one. Then, each member set off to a specific location across the globe—bribing officials as they went, even to the frozen outskirts where scientist labored to extract clean water from the polar ice. Four members were given the specific task of releasing the animals from the zoo. They hid from the public, deep within the zoo, with the four specifically designed gas masks that would keep them safe from the virus until their duty was done.

On the agreed date, at the exact agreed time, the rest of the members stood in the middle of the most crowded place they could find, where the human population was at its most dense, and depressed the nozzle . . .

One person started to cough, and then another, and then another. Quickly the infection part of the virus was doing its job, and in two days’ time, every single human being was coughing.

Then, at the exact, programmed date, the virus took hold with a suddenness that was shocking. Within half an hour, a million people were dead, by the end of that day, half the population were dead, with the virus still being released by their decaying bodies. By the end of the following day, no human was left alive.

The last four members of the Animal Rights Activists crept out of their hiding places in the zoo. Past decaying, putrefying bodies, they slowly walked, stunned at what they had accomplished.

They released the animals from their cages. With gladdened hearts, they watched as the animals took off. Then they pulled down their masks, lifted the aerosol canisters to their faces, squirted, and inhaled deeply. Their hearts were glad as they started coughing—watching the carnivores feed on the bodies, knowing that their plan had succeeded, and in two days’ time they would join their comrades in death.

Those released animals had a rough time in the beginning. The herbivores had to learn how to smash into grocery stores to get at the fruits and such. Some eventually found the hydroponics laboratories and managed to eke out an existence there.

Time went on—years became centuries, centuries turned into eons.

Nature slowly reclaimed the earth, crumbling buildings, laying cities to waste, bringing back rivers.

Fact became legend, legend became myth. All that the humans had made and achieved went to dust. All that remained were their bones and isolated places where nothing would grow, and animals entering there, sickened and died.

Continents shifted, seasons changed—everything back to its perfect natural rhythm. Continents split into islands—some big, some small. Animals sought out their own species and congregated in the places that housed their food sources. These places became the islands.

Thus came into existence the Animal Isles—Dog Island, Horse Island, Cat Island, and so forth. Stories of the other races were told and retold, and sometimes, with the islands that were nearest to each other, the different races would visit one another.

It was on Dog Island that evil once again sprouted. Two pairs of Rottweilers—in their own eyes the perfect specimens of their species—were banished for acts regarded as unworthy in the dog society. They were driven from their homeland to a small islet just off the coast of Dog Island which was known to be inhabited by some horrible curse. Any animal going there sickened and died in the most horrible of ways. They knew this, for sometimes those malformed bodies washed up back on Dog Island shores.

The banished Rottweilers were banished to the barely livable islet, where catching fish and drinking brackish water were their only means of survival. They feared each day to be their last. But as each day passed they seemed to grow stronger, taller. Bit by bit their bodies were changing in subtle ways. One of the females went to investigate and found strange, yellow metal tubes oozing a noxious green, glowy liquid. On the metal tube a black cross was painted. She remembered some dog telling her stories of those long-gone creatures called hu-mans, and how they had made these liquids for some or other reason. She realized that it was this liquid that had contaminated the islet, and that it was this liquid that was now making them stronger, superior. She smirked: to think that hu-mans would be indirectly responsible for the making of the superior Hound! And so a plan formed in her head.

The banished Rottweilers began breeding, liberally taking in huge amounts of the noxious liquid. The females bore litter upon litter of malformed or dead pups, until at last . . . the perfect litter. Large Hounds with huge shoulder blades and long claws, short thick necks and jaws, sloping backbones ending in two short but powerful hind legs and whip-like tails . . . and red, pupil-less eyes. So it went, until at last the perfect female was born.

Quickly she grew, surpassing her brothers and sisters in size, strength, cunning and aggressiveness. Her shoulder blades jutted past her backbone, pushing her short, thick neck forward. Her jaws were short but powerful, with long incisors made for ripping. Her claws were long, sharp and strong—they dug furrows in the ground wherever she walked. Her back tapered sharply downwards, ending in two hind legs that were shorter than her forelegs, but heavily muscled, thus propelling her along the ground at great speeds. Her long tail whipped behind her, and was used for balance. Her red pupil-less eyes glinted of evil, intelligent malice.

Her name was Schkria.

And Schkria had Plans.

She made allies of the strongest (and dumbest) of the pack, easily intimidating them. One fine day, they made their move. They killed their own parents, and also any other pack member that was not aggressive enough or strong enough, or that seemed too clever. Schkria made sure of that!

Schkria then shaped her army of Hounds. They were the absolute pinnacle of canine perfection. She made her strategies to conquer all of the isles, beginning with the smallest, there multiplying her numbers, then going on to the next in size, and so on until at last, Dog Island would be hers, and every sniveling mutt that had banished her parents would be dead. And on the day her perfect son was weaned and trained, she knew the time had come.

One sunset, her pack stood ready for her command. Standing on the shore in front of her massed army, she faced the darkening ocean, and led her pack to war.

Our story begins here . . .


Dark clouds gathered, coloring the ocean black. The waves boomed and crashed, announcing the coming storm with glee.

Black shapes bobbed among the waves, claws desperately scrabbled for purchase in the shifting sands of the shallows to pull themselves out of the freezing water. At last they stood on solid ground with salty sea water dripping off their frightening forms.

The creatures resembled dogs—great, hulking black dogs, all sharp angles with huge claws and razor-sharp teeth. Their shoulders were oversized, and their necks tapered down to their broad heads ending in short, evilly fanged muzzles.

Shaking themselves dry, they watched their leader look at the land. She was twice as big as the biggest male. Her cold, cruel eyes were enough to strike fear in their hearts and make them whisper her name in dreadfilled awe: “Schkria!”

It was just before midnight. Schkria kneaded her toes in the soft sand of the shore they’d struggled onto out of the ocean. She and her small pack stood at the bottom of a large, steep sand dune. Over its top she could make out the tops of trees and further onwards, mountains. The sharp wind veered crazily to and fro, bringing with it first the sounds of merrymaking, and then the sound of the ocean.

With a jerk of her head Schkria signaled one of her soldiers to go and investigate the sounds on the other side of the dune.

The soldier nodded, then lowered his body to scurry forward, thrusting his paws elbow-deep into the shifting sand. He quickly and softly scaled the big dune. As he neared its crest, he slowed down, crawling forward inch by stealthy inch until he could just peep over the summit.

Peering down, his red, pupil-less eyes widened in astonishment. The land was rich: tall, dark grass covered the soil; a stream flowed from the mountains through the majestic forest that stretched from the foot of the mountain towards the ocean. A craggy mountain range formed an oval-shaped valley, with only one pass as entrance at the far side of the valley. A palace kind of structure dominated the scenery at the left-hand side, while tilled fields made orderly ranks just beyond it. A few burning torches hung in niches around the entrance. The dancing flames illuminated the black rock that the palace was built of, and threw flickering light over the name that had been deeply engraved in huge script: Inishkairie Stronghold.

The Guard shifted his attention to the activities near at hand.At the foot of the dune behind which he was crouching, a big assembly of cats were dancing and feasting under a myriad of colored lanterns at the front of this Inishkairie Stronghold. A group of youngsters were playing some strange leaping game, bushing their tails and arching their backs in mock viciousness. But the tables! They were groaning with meats and drinks; the scents made his mouth water and he had to exert supreme willpower not to dash down and bury his face in delicious, tender, juicy . . . enough!

Wrenching his attention back to the job at hand, he whiffled his nose from side to side. He slowly turned his head from left to right, thus gathering all the scents he could find—including those of the sentries hidden halfway down the dune.

Quickly, before he lost his nerve, he sidled back downwards towards his waiting Queen. The slithering sand and the noisy wind masked the sound of his retreat from the hidden sentries.

In a shower of sand he came to a halt in front of Schkria, keeping his buttocks close to the ground in servitude. Excitedly he whispered of what he’d seen—the mere memory making him salivate again. He made sure to mention the sentries and the number of Inishkairian cats he’d seen in his report to Schkria. After he’d finished he lay crouched before her with his long tail wagging furiously in the sand and his whole body quivering in excitement.

Schkria imperiously beckoned her lieutenants forward and outlined the battle plan: encircle the cats around the dune’s edge. Kill. She ordered three of them to take some prisoners for questioning.

Silently her pack took off to their appointed positions. Schkria took the Guard’s original path up the dune. At the top of the dune she crouched and watched the unsuspecting cats cavorting while she waited for her pack to settle.

She rolled her shoulders in anticipation and smiled as she thought of her upcoming conquests.

Soon . . .

To buy or seek more information about this e-book, please visit:

Additional Information

Genre Sci Fi
Author Cathy Dannhauser
ISBN 978-1-61766-056-6
Format ePub, Mobi


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[FireHeart Saga] Nagrasanti - Theresa M. Moore


NAGRASANTI Children of The Dragon Book 3 A vampire anthology featuring characters introduced in Destiny's Forge and To Taste The Dragon's Blood.

These are original stories that continue in the series theme of the vampire as hero, and include Tap Root, The Hunt, Blood Will Out; stories and excerpts from the original series Blood Songs PLUS the next four books in the series: Red Dragon, The Queen's Marksman, The Black Witch, and VIRUS. A real bargain!

The Children of The Dragon series by Theresa M. Moore is a chronicle of the Xosan, living vampires from the planet Antellus who were once human but were transformed by a dragon's blood. They are stories of science fiction, fantasy and fact, myth and history, tragedy and triumph, linked together by the common theme of the vampire as hero.

PLEASE NOTE: A printed edition of NAGRASANTI complete with a gallery of black and white illustrations and illustrated version of the four novels is available, priced at $24.95, from the publisher at:

All art and illustrations are by the author and rendered in inks and grayscale acrylics.

Please see the book pages on this site for extracts from Red Dragon, The Queen's Marksman, The Black Witch, and Virus.

Click here to view extensive description and to buy the e-book:


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Aug 6, 2004... It's more than 6 years already for! Thank you all visitors, and Happy New Year 2011!

[FireHeart Saga] Naruto x Hinata,Sasuke x Sakura,Neji x TenTen


A AMV about the pairs in Naruto


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[FireHeart Saga] Gulliver's Travels Trailer

Gulliver's Travels is a live-action family adventure film directed by Rob Letterman and based on the 18th-century novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift, though the film takes place in the modern era. The film will star Jack Black as the title character Lemuel Gulliver with Catherine Tate as Queen of Lilliput and is distributed by 20th Century Fox. Originally scheduled for release on June 4, 2010, it was pushed back to December 24, 2010 and later changed once again to December 22, 2010. 20th Century Fox later announced on March 23, 2010 that the film would be converted to 3D.

Category: Modern Fantasy Movie


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[GetAmped Fansite - KICK ASS Inc.] Car Skins Skidding to Enter 2011

Blue Racer Formula One Car

Toyota Dyna Truck by Didaswiwaw

Disclaimer: Skins are not made by vadis


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[GetAmped Fansite - KICK ASS Inc.] KICK ASS Inc. GetAmped SkinsSlideshow

Well, another year is coming to a close.
Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011
from KICK ASS Inc. Skin Factory for GetAmped and Splash Fighters

We realize that KICK ASS Inc. has not been very productive this year in term of making skins (and sharing skins by other makers). If you check our other blogs and sites, we at Vadis Entertainment has been making new and different projects such as novels, games, comics etc.

And in 2010 we encountered some difficulties like a banned FileDen hosting and some skins-like-famous-movie-characters issue from nosy people we prefer not to disclose.
The hardest hit was we have lost sponsorship from Google AdSense due to technical issues.
So, as we strive to make something out from these world-wide-web-hurdles, we'll be glad if you stay enjoying and using the GetAmped skins from this fan site, and we hope to produce more skins in the upcoming year.

We also welcome more writers and contributors to this site, especially skin makers who want to showcase their work and make them known worldwide.

Thank you, and Let's Get Amped!
BJ Vadis

As extra, these are some skins in this site in a spiffy slideshow. Enjoy!


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Xar & Vichattan II - Prahara

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:Bonmedo Tambunan
XAR & VICHATTAN – Seri Ahli Waris Cahaya
Buku II: Prahara
Karya: Bonmedo Tambunan

Oleh: Andry Chang (

Perjalanan Sang Musafir terus berlanjut. Selain berkutat di dunia fantasi magis ciptaannya sendiri, kadangkala timbul keinginannya untuk meninjau dunia-dunia lain, ciptaan para “pengkhayal” lainnya.

Syahdan, saat ia mendengar adanya petualangan lanjutan baru di ranah Xar & Vichattan, untuk kedua kalinya berpindahlah Sang Musafir di negeri yang kali ini dilanda prahara besar.

Tempat yang pertama kali dikunjunginya di dunia ini tentunya adalah Kuil Cahaya yang telah dibangun kembali, dan orang-orang yang pertamakali ditemui Sang Musafir tentu saja keempat tokoh utama, empat remaja para Ahli Waris Cahaya: Dalrin, Antessa, Kara dan Gerome. Tentu saja keberadaan Sang Musafir ini tak diketahui siapapun di dunia itu – disadaripun tidak.


Kali ini, para anggota “The Dream Team” ini bekerja sendiri-sendiri dengan alasan yang jelas. Selain terdesak waktu, tujuan utama mereka adalah menggagalkan usaha Khalash dan antek-antek Kuil Kegelapan menguasai seluruh dunia dan menghancurkan Kuil Cahaya lagi.

Jadilah Sang Musafir ikut serta dalam perjalanan “roller coaster”: Terbang bersama Antessa dan para peri, tenggelam dalam tumpukan buku dan terjebak di dunia lain bersama Kara yang berpengetahuan luas, merenung bersama Dalrin yang berjuang dalam konflik dan kedukaan dalam dirinya sendiri dan menjaga Desa Galad bersama Gerome, si pemberani yang bandel, “comic relief” dalam serial ini.

Walaupun sempat sukses dibuat penasaran dan agak lelah harus “berpindah-pindah tempat” di saat-saat kritis – seperti yang dialaminya pula dalam XV1, harus diakui, Sang Musafir sempat merasa tak ingin istirahat dan kembali dulu ke dunia asalnya sebelum tiba di ujung perjalanan keempat tokoh ini. Hasilnya: Prahara tak dapat ditolak, keunggulan tak dapat diraih. Kuil Xar bahkan sampai “hancur-hancuran”.

Logika Sang Musafirpun terusik. Ini bukan karena salah taktik, tapi semata-mata karena Kuil Kegelapan mendapat pendukung-pendukung baru yang kuat yaitu Diagoni dan Peri Kegelapan, Frigus Acerbus. para Ahli Waris yang belum matang benar dari segi kekuatan dan mentalitas, dan pendeknya pihak Kuil Kegelapan memang lebih kuat dari Xar maupun Vichattan.

Dalam perjalanan selanjutnya, Sang Musafir bertemu satu tokoh yang sangat menarik: Lisbet, seorang wanita tua yang “gila tapi tak gila, dan tak gila tapi gila”. Bagaimana bisa si tiarawati gila ini jadi kunci keselamatan Xar dan Vichattan? Inilah yang menurut Sang Musafir adalah salah satu daya tarik utama Buku II: Prahara ini.

Perjalanan Sang Musafir kali ini memang meriah, diwarnai dengan cinta, kecemburuan, pengkhianatan, balas dendam dan konflik-konflik pribadi antara Gerome dan Shiba, Petra dan Corbus, juga antara Kara, Antessa dan Dalrin, dan ditutup dengan finale yaitu pertempuran sihir yang tak terlalu mendetail tapi cukup epik di Kuil Cahaya antara para Ahli Waris Cahaya dan dua pelindungnya Amor si angsa raksasa dan Pietas si rusa raksasa melawan pasukan Kuil Kegelapan di bawah pimpinan Khalash.


Di akhir tahapan perjalanan yang seharusnya tuntas tapi rupanya menyisakan potensi ancaman baru yang lebih parah ini, setelah kembali ke dunia asalnya Sang Musafir terus mengingat beberapa kesan – yang tak tahan lagi akhirnya dituliskannya dalam bentuk review:

1. Banyak nama tokoh dari kalangan Xar dan Vichattan yang disebut, tapi mereka mendapat porsi peran yang lebih sedikit daripada di buku pertama Takhta Cahaya, seakan mereka hanyalah pemanis atau bahkan figuran. Tentunya ini bukan masalah karena sesedikit apapun peran mereka, itu peran yang penting agar cerita jadi terkesan lebih alami.

2. Kehadiran Khalash yang disebut-sebut sebagai Pangeran Kegelapan terkesan terlalu singkat di bab-bab akhir. Hanya sekali ia benar-benar turun tangan dan pada akhirnya ia “khalash” total. Ia terkesan terlalu gegabah untuk ukuran “The Ultimate Bad Guy”. Kalau saja ia mengindahkan peringatan Nolacerta dan Frigus, ceritanya pasti akan beda. Satu hikmah yang bisa diambil dari Khalash adalah keangkuhan dan sikap ultra-superioritas seseorang pada akhirnya akan menjatuhkan orang itu sendiri.

3. Menurut Sang Musafir, dunia X&V dalam peta yang tergambar apik di halaman depan nampak sangat sederhana: Satu kota, dua desa, hutan, gunung, gua, Laut Misty, tiga kuil, walaupun ada tambahan satu dunia baru dalam dimensi kegelapan: Vesmir. Sang Musafir lebih memilih “berasumsi” tempat-tempat yang tercantum dalam peta hanyalah yang berhubungan langsung dengan cerita, dan tempat-tempat “tersembuyi” lainnya akan ditambahkan seiring perkembangan cerita.

4. Plot-plot, taktik, intrik yang digunakan dan bahkan jalannya tiap pertempuran disampaikan dengan singkat, padat dan jelas – sederhana tapi cerdas, bisa diterima logika. Anak-anak setingkat SD mungkin akan mudah mencerna cerita ini, dan kalangan dewasa-muda akan menikmatinya. Sang Musafir yang adalah penggemar berat game-game role-playing (RPG) juga menilai kisah ini cukup “RPGlicious” dan “Mangalicious”. Bisa saja suatu hari nanti ada yang akan menawarkan untuk membuat X&V versi game dan manga pada penulis yang biasa dipanggil “Boni” ini.

Kesimpulannya, satu hal yang perlu diingat, bukalah pikiran, mainkan khayalan, buanglah segala mindset yang memperhitungkan faktor klise dan faktor kesederhanaan struktur dunia yang “sedaun kelor” ini. Nikmatilah perjalanannya, dan seperti halnya Sang Musafir, pembaca akan mendapatkan pengalaman yang mengasyikkan dan mengesankan pula, seperti menikmati masakan lezat ala kuliner, satu lagi racikan dari the Chef of Fantasy, Bonmedo Tambunan – compliments to the chef.

Sukses untuk Boni, dan Sang Musafir menunggu dengan sabar (dan penasaran) Xar & Vichattan Buku III. “Xar... Vichattan... Cahaya... Tunggu kedatanganku!” ucap sang Pangeran Kegelapan.



Sinopsis: Tiba-tiba di tempat asing itu sebuah suara bisikan terdengar, suara wanita tua yang asing
di telinga Kara. “Kara,” suara itu memanggil namanya. Itu bukan suara Antessa dan bukan pula Petra, suara ini terdengar jauh lebih tua. “Si … siapa?” jawab Kara dalam hati. “Ini aku, Kara, Lisbet.” Kara tidak yakin ia mendengar dengan benar suara itu. Ia berfikir bahwa itu hanya sebuah halusinasi. Namun, ternyata suara itu tidak hanya didengar oleh Kara seorang diri. Antessa pun dapat merasakannya.
“Di manakah kami, Lisbet?” ucap Kara. “Kalian berada di atas lempeng besar. Sebuah lempeng yang berbeda dari lempeng yang lain,” ujar Lisbet. Seketika Kara dan Antessa dibuat bingung dengan perkataan Lisbet mengenai lempeng tersebut.



Pasukan Kuil Kegelapan terus bergerak maju. Xar, Vichattan, dan Kuil Cahaya kebingungan
menghadapi pasukan Kegelapan yang kian bertambah kuat. Munculnya peri kegelapan yang
meluluhlantahkan para peri pendukung cahaya dan terpecah belahnya keempat ahli waris
cahaya semakin memperburuk keadaan. Belum lagi dengan semakin melemahnya kekuatan elemental dan juga kekuatan Xar karena ulah Khalash serta panglima-panglimanya. Keadaan begitu buruk sehingga para pendukung cahaya harus menggantungkan hidup mereka pada seorang wanita gila dan buku-buku kuno yang dilindungi oleh ilmu sihir mematikan. Titik terang pun muncul, tetapi tak berlangsung lama. Karena tak seorangpun mengira rencana kegelapan yang sebenarnya.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut tentang novel ini dan terbitan Adhika Pustaka lainnya, kunjungi:
Penerbit Adhika Pustaka

Valharald - Kesatria Talismandala & Pertempuran di Vincha

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:Adi Toha
Review Novel

VALHARALD – Kesatria Talismandala & Pertempuran di Vincha

Karya: Adi Toha (

Penerbit: Diva Press (

Paperback, 411 Halaman, Diterbitkan 20 April 2010

Reviewer: Andry Chang (

Valharald – A Knight in Shining Armor?

Kembali dalam rangkaian marathon antardunia, kali ini Sang Musafir berkunjung ke – sebutlah ini – Dunia Tak Bernama, ke Negeri VarchLand yang indah.

Karena media “perpindahan ke dunia lain” ini adalah buku, tentunya “kunci penarik” pertama adalah sampul bukunya. Kesan pertama yang didapat Sang Musafir adalah tokoh utama novel ini adalah “a knight in shining armor”, ksatria berzirah besi yang namanya terkesan seperti plesetan dari “Valhalla”.

Tata sampul khas Gobaqsodor yang artistik, “Cinemalicious” dan “real-life images tambal-sulam” memang jadi nilai jual tersendiri, tetapi jangan sampai ini menjadi pisau bermata dua dengan mengurangi “spirit” dari cerita ini sehingga terkesan “menyesatkan” para calon musafir tentang figur Valharald yang adalah judul besar cerita yang pada dasarnya seharusnya ditampilkan di cover. Atau, bila nanti mau membuat cetakan kedua, diusulkan pada cover ditampilkan keduabelas lambang yang mewakili para ksatria dan Mahkota Liafala di tengah-tengahnya – no less, no more.

Satu hal yang membuat “idealistic senses” Sang Musafir “gemetar” adalah endorsement pada cover yang mungkin adalah salah satu trik marketing dengan memberi “janji jaminan mutu” untuk menarik pembaca umum dari kalangan mainstream, sama seperti prinsip: “kecap saya dijamin nomor satu!” Yah, untunglah isinya cukup memberikan kesan bagus, menghibur, exciting dan feel good, walaupun tidak sampai “gemetar”. Mungkin – Sang Musafir setuju dengan istilah reviewer lain – lebih tepatnya “tergetar”.

Oke, terlepas dari yang di-endorsed, kita kembali pada prinsip marketing lainnya, “yang penting rasanya, bung!” yang dalam konteks ini adalah CERITAnya.

Tema utama cerita yang di-ekstrak Sang Musafir adalah perang antara kebaikan dan kejahatan, dimana pihak kejahatan dengan jumlah pasukan yang lebih besar hanya bisa diimbangi oleh – tentunya – kekuatan “lebih” yang bernama “pahlawan”.

Sekali lagi, dalam cerita yang satu ini Sang Musafir mengabaikan segala unsur klise dan pakem-pakem Tolkienisme yang rupanya cukup kental terasa – Kenapa? Mungkin karena beliau merasa “senasib” dengan penulis novel ini. Jadi, sekembalinya dari pertempuran hebat di Vincha ada beberapa kesan yang didapatnya sudah cukup untuk membuatnya rela menyisihkan waktu membedah dan membuat review dan fan sketch-nya. Berikut uraiannya.

1. Alur cerita ini melibatkan banyak flashback yang polanya adalah di mana tempat pemilihan, siapa yang terpilih, apa buktinya, kapan ia terpilih, dan mengapa terpilih. Jadi inti plotnya adalah proses pemilihan 12 Ksatria Talismandala dan pertempuran di Vincha sebagai finale-nya – sederhana, standar dan tak ada kejutan yang benar-benar ekstrim.

2. Setiap calon ksatria punya konflik dan pertarungannya sendiri, dan ini membuat prosesnya jadi lebih menarik ala karya klasik Tiongkok “Tepi Air” (Water Margin). Satu hal, terlalu banyak “kebetulan” yang terjadi di sini. Mungkin bila fungsi “kunci kalung segitiga” lebih diaktifkan sebagai “alat pelacak” untuk mencari saudara-saudaranya dan bereaksi bila dekat, faktor kebetulan itu bisa setidaknya dikurangi.

3. Pemikiran “purist” Sang Musafir sedikit terusik oleh penggunaan nama Cuchulainn yang ciri-ciri fisiknya hingga rambutnyapun mirip dengan versi asalnya, seorang pahlawan legendaris Irlandia setara Sigurd & Beowulf. Ini bisa dimaklumi karena nama-nama seperti Percival, Sigurd, Fafnir dll sering muncul di cerita beda dalam novel-novel dan game-game. Mungkin Adi Toha sangat terinspirasi oleh karakter pemberani legendaris ini dan ingin “menghidupkannya” kembali dalam dunia dan cerita yang berbeda, dan akhirnya kita coba cerna dengan pemikiran “mungkin saja ada 2 orang dan benda yang bernama dan berciri-ciri sama, apalagi di dunia yang beda.”

4. Nama “Talismandala” sendiri, walaupun menurut Sang Musafir mungkin berasal dari kata “Talisman” dan “Mandala” yang berarti “Ksatria Suci Dewata”, terkesan aneh sendiri di antara sederetan nama-nama bernafaskan high fantasy ala Eropa Abad Pertengahan. Sekali lagi perlu sedikit toleransi dengan menganggap nama ini punya arti mendalam bagi si penulis, yang mengandung unsur “semangat” dan “jiwa” cerita ini. Mungkin terkesan inkonsisten, tapi juga idealisme yang kental.

5. Ada baiknya selain Zwehly ditambahkan pula beberapa “Pahlawan Kegelapan” dari ras orcus atau semacamnya, jadi walaupun pihak kebaikan harus kalah, setidaknya mereka kalah dengan lebih “terhormat”, bukan semata-mata kalah jumlah saja.

6. Bumbu-bumbunya yang berunsur diantaranya pengkhianatan, intrik, perpecahan, penderitaan, cinta dan konflik terasa kurang ekstrim dan terkesan “dikurangi kadarnya”. Mungkin karena tekanan budaya Indonesia-kah? Maklumlah, batas antara “ekstrim” dan “wajar” memang setipis kertas, dan itu juga yang jadi dilema setiap penulis novel-novel laga termasuk Sang Musafir sendiri.

7. Teka-teki Sphinx yang terdapat dalam buku ini adalah hak cipta Sphinx. Harus dimaklumi, memang tidak mudah membuat “riddle” unik yang bisa diingat orang (Contoh: Sphinx dalam “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”), jadi kadang jalan pintasnya adalah “meminjam” dari yang sudah ada. Maklum, Sang Musafir juga kadang suka “meminjam” dengan menyertakan penjelasan yang (harap saja) masuk akal.

Dalam petualangannya ini Sang Musafir juga bertemu dengan beberapa tokoh lain yang cukup berkesan baginya:

1. Einar, seorang pangeran yang berusaha menekan ambisinya untuk menyatukan seluruh kerajaan di Dataran Tak Bernama demi tujuan yang lebih mulia.

2. Eira: Mungkin ia adalah Ksatria Talismandala yang paling misterius. Selamatnya dia selama ini dari “tangan-tangan jahil” mungkin ada hubungannya dengan semacam kekuatan misterius yang mengerikan dalam dirinya, bukan hanya berkat lindungan Yang Kuasa saja. Bila dikembangkan lebih lanjut, Eira bisa digambarkan sebagai gadis yang punya sedikit gangguan mental dan sifat aneh, dan dengan twist yang tidak terduga bisa jadi dialah yang jadi sasaran Zwehly yang sebenarnya.

3. Nimrodir: Tokoh yang sangat versatile, serba bisa, satu-satunya Ksatria Talismandala generasi pertama yang masih hidup. Bersama Draach si pelindung, dia adalah tokoh terkuat dalam episode ini, tapi diduga dia akan jadi salah satu yang “expendable” – yang akan dimatikan oleh salah satu Ksatria Talismandala yang berkhianat (mirip-mirip “Togira Ikonoka”-nya Eragon di “Brisingr”?)

4. Cymrodor: Satu lagi tokoh yang terkesan “expendable”, sudah diduga dari awal. Formasi 12 ksatria yang asli terkesan “disayang-sayang”, jadi Cymrodor-lah yang terkesan “dikorbankan”. Andai saja bukan dia, tapi Urias, Fionn atau anggota lain yang tewas dan dia jadi tokoh pengganti yang menjadikan formasi jadi “tidak terlalu sempurna”, itu akan jadi tambahan kejutan yang menambah nilai keasyikan cerita ini.

Di akhir segala akhir, Sang Musafir menutup buku portal Dunia Tak Bernama ini dengan tersenyum, disertai harapan bilamana nanti ia berkunjung kedua kalinya, Sang Musafir akan menemukan legenda yang lebih epik dan berwarna meriah.

“Kebijaksanaan, keberanian, kesetiaan, ketekunan, kasih sayang, ketabahan, pengampunan, keteguhan, keadilan, belas kasihan, kepercayaan dan kejujuran. Dan semuanya itu bersatu, memancarkan kebaikan demi dunia, demi cinta kasih dan demi kehidupan itu sendiri.”

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] Longbow vs Crossbow

The purpose of this video was to demonstrate the comparative speed of shot between the English longbow, and the hand-spanned crossbow.

As you can see in the video, the crossbow wasn't as slow to shoot as many people make out, but please keep in mind that the hand-spanned crossbow is a very quick weapon to span and shoot, much quicker that the other types of crossbow in use during the middle ages.

Due to the heavy construction of the crossbow's steel prod, or bow, and the short draw length along the crossbow's tiller, the crossbow was a very inefficient weapon. Although the crossbow in the video has a draw weight of around 130 lb, compared to the longbow's 110 lb, our crossbow could only manage a maximum range of some 90 yards, compared to the longbow's 250 yards. To compensate, medieval crossbows were often many times the draw weight of the bow used here, and thus required the use of a belt and hook, Goats Foot or Windlass to draw. This made them much slower than the longbow. Due to this slow re-loading crossbowmen often sheltered behind Pavises, or large shields, while re-loading on an open battlefield. These shortcomings were not an issue, however, when the crossbow was used to defend walled towns or castles, a situation where the crossbow excelled.

If you wish to see the longbow compared with the more powerful, but slower, windlass crossbow, then watch the new series of Warriors on the History Channel. In episode 5, on the English Knight, you can see Martin and I going head to head, pitting a 110 lb yew longbow against an 850lb windlass crossbow, while Terry Schappert counts the amount of arrows and bolts we manage to loose in 1 minute. It makes for a very interesting comparison with this video! (The episode was screened in the US on April 2nd, and comes to the UK in the Autumn, but it is available to watch on the History Channel website too).



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[VadisGames - Fully Loaded!] how to shoot a medieval longbow

**WATCH NEW DIRECTOR'S CUT** at Ballista TV on YouTube. Kevin Hicks from the History Squad demonstrates the medieval longbow at English Heritage's Bolsover Castle. .


Vadis' Research Video
Medieval Longbow Weapon


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[FireHeart Saga] Some Medieval and Fantasy Battle Samples

Zadruga- Słowianie


Vyborg castle 2005 - medieval festival

For years the fest in Vyborg castle was known as one of the best fests for group fighting fans from medieval reenactment clubs of Russia and ex-USSR. This is not the best choice if you wanna see a really authentical medieval fest (whatever that could be) but if you are a crazy sick dumb bastard from one of the clubs then i will definitely see you there;) Usually about 200 men take part in the fighting. We (Bern) are the boys in red and yellow, also there are boys from Siberia and Far East on our side, they wear yellow and black.


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[FireHeart Saga] Posłannicy Chorsa promo


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[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] How to shoot a medievalLongbow - E...

**WATCH NEW DIRECTOR'S CUT** at Ballista TV on YouTube. Kevin Hicks from the History Squad demonstrates the medieval longbow at English Heritage's Bolsover Castle. .


Vadis' Research Video
Medieval Longbow Weapon


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[vadismart - the cybermall] How to Shoot a Recurve Bow

Shooting a recurve bow in archery is different than other bows. Learn about shooting a recurve bow including draw length and arrows in this archery video.


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[Riverstream Rhapsody] Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Shoot aBow & Arrow

Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow

Watch and learn from our own expert how to shoot a bow and arrow in this free weapons training video on archery tips and techniques.

Expert: Leroy Sisco
Bio: General Leroy Sisco is currently retired from the military after completing a forty-two year career.
Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan



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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Rosta Masta!] Yaris Show Off 2010 Snapshots

Yaris Extreme Tune: Raging Phoenix
Rosta sez: Whew, I think it's a bit over-mutilated. Just check the whole gallery and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Yaris Firna Ranger (Front)

Yaris Firna Ranger (Side-Back)

Yaris Blue Wave
Rosta sez: One thing about Toyota Yaris is, Rosta has a difficulty of liking the front grill. Seeing the Blue Wave, he was relieved - a bit. Taste matters, though.

Yaris Silver RS
Rosta sez: Now this is BJ Rosta's personal favourite - not because of the chick, really. The whole body kit combination is avant-garde looking, along with the rims, spoilers and all.

Toyota Yaris Show-Off 2010!
snapshots from yaris showoff 2010 (jakarta battle) december 4, 2010.
final battle is in december 5, 2010.

Link to the Multiply Album:
yaris showoff 2010


BJ Rostaman now sez Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!
Keep rockin' to the Rosta beat!


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Sunday, December 26, 2010

[FireHeart Saga] Great picks for your gift card!

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strangelands header log

Great picks for your gift card!

Got a gift card over the holidays?
Here are some must-have sci-fi &
fantasy titles!


Torment cover

buy now

The Fallen Novels
by Lauren Kate

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours? Follow Luce and Daniel in Fallen and Torment, the dark and romantic titles in the Fallen Novels series.

Begin reading the series with Fallen

Follow the series on Facebook

Visit The Fallen Novels website

The Scorch Trials cover

buy now

The Maze Runner Trilogy
by James Dashner

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. No more puzzles. No more variables. And no more running. You'll soon learn that the Maze was just the beginning. The Scorch Trials begins just four hours after the first book ended.

Begin reading the series with
The Maze Runner

Follow the series on Facebook

Visit The Maze Runner website

Revolution cover

buy now

by Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly, author of the award-winning novel, A Northern Light, artfully weaves two girls' stories into one unforgettable account of life, loss, and enduring love.Revolution spans centuries and vividly depicts the eternal struggles of the human heart.

Watch the Trailer and a Video Interview with Jennifer Donnelly

Visit Jennifer Donnelly's website

Brain Jack

buy now

Brain Jack
by Brian Falkner

Brian Falkner, author of The Tomorrow Code, has created an action-packed and thought-provoking science fiction adventure in which a brilliant young computer hacker fights to prevent the human race from being deleted.

Begin reading the first chapter

Dark Water cover

buy now

Dark Water
by Laura McNeal

In her solo debut, Laura McNeal writes about fifteen-year-old Pearl DeWitt and how she falls into a forbidden romance with one of the migrant workers her uncle has hired to work in his avocado groves.

Visit Laura McNeal's website, to see the trailer

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Additional Must-Haves:

The Inheritance Cycle
by Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle cover

buy now

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
by Michael Scott

Brain Jack cover

buy now

The Dead-Tossed Waves
by Carrie Ryan

The                Dead-Tossed Waves cover

buy now

The Forest of Hands and Teeth
by Carrie Ryan

The Forest of Hands and Teeth cover

buy now

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