Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FireHeart Novel & Comic Project by Andry Chang

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Hi! I'm Andry Chang and I'm a writer. And I would like to present my excerpts of my first novel for consideration.
This novel can be easily converted into a comic series, so maybe you would like to check my blog to find out more.
I welcome and truly appreciate your critiques and suggestions about my work. - Thank you.
FireHeart Saga - The Series
A Bounty Hunter's Blog - http://fireheart-vadis.blogspot.com
FireHeart Saga is a serial story made by Andry Chang a.k.a. BJ Vadis. It's a fantasy genre novel of the turbulent and dark ages in the fantasy world of Eternia. A world filled with monsters, magics beyond anything you can imagine, and of course, heroes. Hail from a bounty hunter, to all my readers.
May the sun always shine upon you, and the earth gives you life.
May the moon bring you good fortune and the stars guide you through the night.
- Andry Chang, the author
FireHeart Project by vadis
The gruelling one year and four months of making the first book of the FireHeart Saga Series is finally paid off by the completion of FireHeart - Legend of The Paladins Book 1 in April 2006. It's the very first of the series I intend to make in the course of fantasy-fiction genre book generated entirely from my imagination. It's uncensored, not edited, first-draft in English. The FireHeart Project consists of three stories of the FireHeart Saga:
Episode 1: FireHeart - Heart of the Conqueror
Episode 2: FireHeart - The Quest For Freedom
Episode 3: FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
For several reasons, I made Legend of the Paladins first and I'll present it in this blogsite as journal entries. I plan to make three books of the Paladins' Saga, consisting of:
Book 1: Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter - Completed
Book 2: Masks of the Soul - Work in Progress
Book 3: The Eagle, the Lion, and the Serpent - Plotted
Well, enjoy the blog-book, dear fellows, play it fair and thanks for the feedbacks!
Andry Chang
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Monday, November 27, 2006

Accell Cellphone Wallpapers Nov 2006 (13 photos)

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Photo AlbumAccell Cellphone Wallpapers Nov 2006Nov 18, '06 9:03 AM
for everyone
Still, for Nokia and Sony Ericsson or wherever it fits.














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