Saturday, May 18, 2013

D4ED - Yamagoya Ramen

yamagoya miso mukashi ramen photo yamagoya-miso-mukashi-special-ramen_zps04d3af22.jpg
Yamagoya Miso Mukashi Special Ramen

yamagoya chahan photo yamagoya-chahan_zps55784526.jpg
Yamagoya Chahan (Fried Rice)

A taste of authentic Japanese Noodle (Ramen) flavors, right here in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Just can't forget the rich, herbal-like flavor that's savory and a bit bitter at the same time. Testify, testify!

BJ Vadis the D4ER sampled some stuff in: (18/05/13)

Yamagoya Ramen
Mall of Indonesia 1st Floor Unit 617
Jl. Boulevard Barat - Kelapa Gading - Jakarta

For more information, visit:

Thursday, May 09, 2013

D4ED - The Japanese Odyssey

Sushis, sashimis, ramens... all the Japanese delights we can find in our beloved hometown of Jakarta.
Of course, taste and unique combos count! - BJ Vadis

Special Sushi Roll @ Sushi Joobu Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Salmon Rice Bowl @ Sushi Joobu Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Buta Kakuni Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork) @ Ramen Sanpachi (Ramen 38)

Mini Buta Kakuni Ramen @ Ramen 38 Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Spider vs Dragon Sushi Roll @ Sushi Joobu, Jakarta

Volcano Sushi Roll @ Sushi Noobu Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

D4ED - The Second Helpings

Kahlua Mocha @ Coffee Tree Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta (Near Angke Restaurant)

Delicacies @ HaiLam Kopitiam, West Boulevard Rd, Kelapa Gading

Complete Bali Rice Mix (Nasi Campur Bali Komplit) - Nasi Bali Grand Indonesia Food Court

Sausage & Salami Pancake @ Pancious, Jakarta
 These are the delicacies I've sampled on the second or more visit. Always seeking new combinations, and maybe, always craving for more of the same thing. BJ Vadis documenting on D4ED - Devoured Delicacies!

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