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[FireHeart Saga] Cristophe's Double Impressions! And Robert too

Cristophe Deveraux Sept 2010 by ~vadis on deviantART
Color-Pencil Cristophe Deveraux - re-impression from a novel cover art by Weni (Sheila Publisher)

Cristophe Deveraux Aug 2010 by ~vadis on deviantART
FINAL Cristophe Game Chara picture art for FireHeart II Game

FireHeart - Robert Chandler by ~vadis on deviantART
Alternative Robert Chandler Game Chara picture art for FireHeart II Game - Masks of the Soul - reproduced from the original art by vanseven.deviantart.com

Drawn by Vadis


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[vadisworld - my way, my world] Love Philosophy - A Lyric by P. B.Shelley

Love Philosophy

A Lyric by P. B. Shelley (1792 – 1822)

Re-documented by Ie Yenita

The fountains mingle with the river

And the rivers with the ocean

The winds of heaven mix forever

With a sweet emotion

Nothing in the world is single

All thing by a law divine

In one another’s being mingle –

Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high heaven

And the waves clasp one another

No sister-flower would be forgiven

If it disdain’d its brother

And the sunlight clasps the earth,

And the moonbeams kiss the sea –

What are all these kissing worth

If thou kiss not me?


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[vadismash - the music channel] The Chipettes - "Bad Romance"



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[vadismash - the music channel] The Chipettes-Just Dance


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[vadismash - the music channel] Katy Perry - California Gurls ft.Snoop (Lyri...

(lyric video)

Music Video


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Love Philosophy - A Lyric by P. B. Shelley

Love Philosophy

A Lyric by P. B. Shelley (1792 – 1822)
Re-documented by Ie Yenita

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean
The winds of heaven mix forever
With a sweet emotion

Nothing in the world is single
All thing by a law divine
In one another’s being mingle –
Why not I with thine?

See the mountains kiss high heaven
And the waves clasp one another
No sister-flower would be forgiven
If it disdain’d its brother

And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea –
What are all these kissing worth
If thou kiss not me?

[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] Strait Dyed Red


‘A war fought with the wrong reasons only produce bad results.
A war fought with the right reasons also produce bad results, but can be repaired in time.’
- Sir Kane Edelson, Grand Marshal, Lore Strait Dyed Red

A fleet of one hundred and ninety-three ships is crossing the Ingram Strait. It doesn’t bring trade, revenue or diplomatic cooperation to Lore, but merely conquest and death. That’s why the Arcadian fleet is expecting interception, all prepared and alert to face the most formidable fleet in the world – The Lorean Sea Lions.

Admiral Nante Raleissy of Arcadia, a veteran who has battled Lore fleet in the first Battle of Ingram Coast is well-informed of Lore’s strength and their strategy possibilities.

So, he uses a different approach. This time, the fleet moves in groups and loose formations between groups. Each group consists of four ships: One bigger ship and three smaller ships, all backing each other up. This formation is a variation of the well-known ‘Diamonds Formation’ derived from the Phalanx ground battle formation. This tactic will bring a formidable penetration and defense to break through the enemies’ barricade they see just ahead.

Lore’s barricade of ships spread alongside the coast, forming an impregnable wall. Even if a ship manages to break through it, the second layer of larger ships will shoot it off like making holes in a cheese.

So, the Arcadian fleet makes a go at the barricade. Three ships in a group against three Lorean ships. The big ship from the barricade comes to help, and the big ship from the diamond formation intercepts it.

Therefore, the battle goes evenly – except for one factor: The Arcadian ships are fully loaded with people: the crew plus the army, so they move slower than the Lorean ships which are focused to hit-and-run only.

Admiral Raleissy realizes that when he sees the Lorean ships move so quickly, evading shots after firing. Another ship comes, fires and runs. Three Arcadian Caravels sink or suffer serious damage, while only one Lorean Carrack severed in pieces by cannonfires from an Arcadian Galleon.

‘Get as close as possible and board the enemy ships!’ The Admiral signals his order to all ships with special mirror-light codes the Loreans cannot decipher. Then comes another order, ‘Throw non-combat things overboard! Less weight, more speed!’

The crew carry out the orders at once, and the result is significant. The ships move faster, and then when they get close to an enemy ship, the crew throw little anchors to the enemy ships, pull them close and board them.

Later, three Lorean ships including a galleon are taken over. The Lorean fleet Admiral, Sir Cyril the Two Swords signals the ships to keep away from enemy ships and go on with the hit-and-run tactic.

More ships sink. The Arcadians pay a bigger toll than Loreans in this battle, suffering the most damage and losing many good men. And now, both fleet are swarming in the strait, filling the area up, leaving little room for maneuvers.
The battle turns into a melee. In the midst of battle, a Lorean sailor shouts, ‘LOOK! It’s the Arcadian flagship!’

The Arcadian gigantic Man-o’-War is easily recognized. Soon, five Lorean ships come swarming near it. The flagship fires its cannons! The one volley from the triple-decker cannons puncture two ships at once. The two enemy ships move away and the other three fill in and fire!

The gunners on the flagship Le Valiant just barely loaded their cannons when explosions blow them away. The ship starboard and port are badly damaged, and one-third of the cannons are destroyed. All other ships are too busy engaging Lorean ships to aid the flagship, so it’s now one against five. The Le Valiant fires the remaining cannons fires the remaining cannons, forcing the enemy ships to do their last resort maneuver: boarding the ship.

Battle erupts on the deck of the Arcadian flagship. The men from three enemy ships clearly outnumber the flagship men. However, the Arcadians take the upper hand because of the Paladins on board.

Adler von Bachmann is on rampage, breaking through a rank of enemies with his thrust-slash combo Tusks of Myriad Elephants. The Emperor himself, riding his steed Acavela the griffin shoots the enemy with beams from his sword: Fruits of Diligence. Andreas helps by healing the injured and reinforcing his comrades with Galatr Protection Field. And Eidos’ Chrono Chakram splits the enemies by half. Soon, the enemies begin to scatter and be cornered, until they flee at last, running back to their ships or simply plunging into the sea.

Cristophe glides back to the flagship and dismounts when a sailor runs to him, reporting, ‘Your Majesty! The enemies have run away. The ship is now secure, but we’ve lost Admiral Raleissy!’

Nobody can guess Chris’ reaction with his helmet on. He just walks up to the helm, holds his sword high and shouts to the crowd on the deck.

‘ATTENTION! From now on I’m taking command as Admiral of this fleet! We’ll help our comrades and break through this barrier! Victory is ours for the taking!’

The crew who are demoralized upon the loss of their leader now get their spirit back. They roar, ‘HUZZAH! HUZZAH to the Emperor! HUZZAH!’

The Emperor points his sword forward, shouting, ‘NOW, FULL SPEED AHEAD!’

The Le Valiant dashes, ramming through the debris of a broken ship and engages an enemy ship in a shootout.

More Lorean ships are taken. Knowing that speed is no longer an advantage, Admiral Cyril shouts, ‘Signal all ships! Bombard any enemy in range, and retreat!’

The Lorean Navy doesn’t seek victory in these waters. They are just vanguards. They know full well that their fleet of one hundred and thirty-four ships can’t win against the Arcadians. So they put their trust in Rael’charon’s strategy and scatter away, withdrawing from battle.

That marks the first victory for Arcadia. The crew and soldiers leap up and shout with joy. The Arcadian fleet has sunk eight enemy ships, destroying three and took twenty. Thirty-seven Arcadian ships are destroyed and sunk, while forty more are badly damaged. Two hundred and seventy-nine Arcadians were slain plus four hundred and twenty drowned with their ships.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty more to fight on land. The fleet takes a longer route and lands on the coast north of Wagnerport. It seems nothing can stop Cristophe Deveraux from getting his revenge.

The strait dyed red
With blood painted
Steel was the brush
Sprinkled with fires rush

The strait dyed red
O’er wails of death
O’ why must we fight
For fool’s vengeful might?

The strait dyed red
Remember this with dread
Never a warpath we tread
Seek the Right Way instead


In a cold, damp dungeon cell, a white-haired man sits most uncomfortably, leaning on the wall. He is unshaven and dirty, yet he looks serene and calm. With his eyes closed, he looks like praying. A voice comes.

‘Sir Robert! Robert Chandler, prepare yourself. We’ll go and meet Counselor Rael’charon now.’ It’s the prison guard.

Robert didn’t answer. The guard looks into the cell through the barred window on the door and nods, as though he understands.

So he stands outside, waiting.

A few minutes later, the prison guard brings Robert to the bathroom. Rael’charon is already waiting there.

‘You sure prepared for a long time for the one who doesn’t bring anything with him,’ says the elf.

Robert responds, ‘You know the reason full well, Counselor. It’s my mind and heart to prepare.’

‘Good. So, I believe you are prepared for this. Robert Chandler, the King wants you to lead the army in war against the Arcadians.’

‘What? They attack here? With Vordac’s Heir on the loose? Are they mad or something?’

‘We didn’t expect it either. We thought the Emperor would be reasonable and put the salvation of Aurelia before vengeance. But we, no, I was wrong. I misjudged your friend. I know Cristophe used to be a reckless fellow, but I didn’t expect him to be THIS reckless. Or should I say, this is madness!

He must’ve believed that you killed his brother AND you’re the Heir of Vordac. So, by eliminating you the threat is over.’

‘All the bloodshed, all those troops, to kill me? I can’t believe this. And why must I lead the army? I lack the experience, and the men will not respect me, knowing the real reason of this war.’

The elf pats Rob, saying, ‘On the contrary, Robert. You ARE the most suitable one for this task. Sir Mallard even recommended you. You have traveled in Arcadia for a long time, and you know the enemy – especially the Emperor – inside-out. You know the way he thinks, so you’ll be able to predict his next moves.’

‘Well, I’m not sure about that, but I think Chris wouldn’t go through Ingram Coast like his brother did, but he’d rather take a longer route north through Lumien Forest.’

‘A-ha!’ Rael’charon exclaims. ‘See, I told you, you guessed that right! He landed north of Wagnerport and made his base there. Quick! Here’s your sword. Bathe, dress up and come with me! We must stop the Arcadians before all is lost!’


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w a, New DVDs This Week: The Back-up Plan, Survival of the Dead,City Island, and More...

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August 23, 2010

Movie Poster

The Back-up Plan

Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin, Eric Christian Olsen

49% of Flixster users liked it        20% of critics liked it

"The Back-up Plan" is a comedy that explores dating, love, marriage and family "in reverse."

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Survival of the Dead

Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe

25% of Flixster users liked it        30% of critics liked it

As the battle between humans and zombies escalates, the master filmmaker continues to reinvent the modern horror genre with wicked humor and pointed social commentary.

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City Island

Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer

76% of Flixster users liked it        81% of critics liked it

A family's bizarre and layered lies to one another come unraveled.

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Top DVD Rentals

  1. Date Night
  2. Death at a Funeral
  3. Kick-Ass
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  5. Clash of the Titans
  6. Cop Out
  7. Repo Men
  8. The Ghost Writer
  9. The Bounty Hunter
  10. The Losers

Top DVD Purchases

  1. Date Night
  2. Death at a Funeral
  3. Clash of the Titans
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  5. Kick-Ass
  6. Letters To God
  7. Alice in Wonderland
  8. The Book of Eli
  9. The Bounty Hunter
  10. Green Zone

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[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] David Eddings - DreamersBook 2 - T...

Book Two of The Dreamers
by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/7125014/Dreamers-02-The-Treasured-One
Disclaimer: Personal Documentation/Archiving only

Dreamers - 02 - The Treasured One


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[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] David Eddings - DreamersBook 1 - T...

Dreamers - 01 - The Elder Gods

Book One of The Dreamers
by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings


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[FireHeart Saga] New Michael Scott e-short story, Sons of LibertySweepstakes...

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strangelands header log

New for August!

Now available: The Death of Joan of Arc--
an all new e-short story by Michael Scott!

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Enter the Sons of
Liberty Sweepstakes!

necromancer cover

Enter for your chance to win an original piece of art featuring YOU illustrated in the style of The Sons of Liberty and a copy of the book! There will be one grand prize winner and 20 runners up who will receive a copy of the book.

Click here to enter.

Michael Scott Interview
at Comic-Con

Michael Scott

Click here to watch a video with Michael Scott, author of the The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series.

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The Necromancer cover

The Death of Joan of Arc
an e-short story

by Michael Scott

Available wherever eBooks are sold.

Joan of Arc was not burned at the stake in Rouen, France, in 1431. She was rescued from certain death by Scathach the Warrior.

The truth about that day is revealed in the last will and testament of William of York, and it will leave you wondering: does Joan of Arc still walk the earth? Learn more

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Sons of Liberty cover

buy now

A Crack in the Sky
by Mark Peter Hughes

Thirteen-year-old Eli Papadopoulos is worried. Even though he?s a member of the most powerful family in the world. Even though his grandfather founded InfiniCorp, the massive corporation that runs everything in the bustling dome-cities. Even though InfiniCorp ads and billboards are plastered everywhere, proclaiming:


Eli isn?t convinced. And he?s about to find out that in the dome-cities, being a Papadopoulos isn?t enough to save a rule-breaker like him. Learn more

Read an excerpt

Bloodhound cover

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The Nightmarys
by Dan Poblocki

Timothy July has been having nightmares. About his brother, who is in a coma after being wounded in Iraq; about his best friend, Stuart, who is behaving like a jerk; about the old biology specimens in jars lining the walls of his classroom; and about Abigail, the new girl who seems to be a magnet for trouble. Or perhaps she is the cause.

Suddenly Timothy?s nightmares are coming true. Can Timothy figure it out before his nightmares become a deadly reality? Learn more

The Fire Opal cover

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Preview Torment

Lauren Kate's latest installment in the Fallen Novels series, Torment, hits shelves September 28th! Read from the first chapter now!

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