Monday, October 26, 2009

[vadisworld - my way, my world] PestaBlogger 2009 - What-A-Blast!

Hmm... Just got a blast from my visit to Pesta Blogger 2009 (Blogger Party)
( in SMESCO Building, Jakarta, Indonesia - October 24, 2009
I came alone and met a few old pals, some fellow bloggers I recognized and new people; all
Well-educated, thoughtful people who like to express their thoughts as freely and as responsibly as possible.
Once again, once a year the lots shebangs of them gather here in one place - from cities and islands outside Jakarta, outside Java throughout the nation.

I met some great guys and gals in PestaBlogger 2009 and these are their blogs / webs:

Pamantyo -
Myrna -
Brook W. Ross -

Enda Nasution -
Shinta -
Ir. Yahya Kurniawan -

Univind web development -
Ryan Koesuma - -
Ibnu Andhika -

Intero Real Estate Services, San Francisco -
provoknation -

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide -
Andi -
Rieka Riananda - -
Septi - -
Nopy (nopy_pr-at-yahoo-com) - -
Dewanto (uncle_goop) -
Yohanes -

Didats -
Distro Kementrian Design Republik Indonesia - -
Puty -


And lots and lots more!

Last but not least, a very Firehearting talk with the two famous faces:
Maylaffayza the Violinist - -
Ramaditya -

Omg, I even forgot to take pics and take 'em properly!
Sorry, Pandji, 'twas just too many crowd...

Also, a unique performance by radio dj and rapper - Pandji (
Well, I thought if ever he's paired with Saykoji in a rap battle... who'll get the most applauses?

The thing that fills my brain the most was the breakout session I chose:
Driving Skills for Life by Ford Fund (Ford Motor Company)
Let's say it's a lesson for life, to be mature on the road.
To be more responsible and save lives at the same time.
Maybe I'll tell more about it in my following posts.

You want to be a hero? You don't have to be in a battle or anything like it.
Just be a defensive, responsible driver and you'll save lives and be a hero for your own, your family, friends and society.

All in all, it has been fruitful, it was a blast from ten to five, and I'm sure to come again
in PestaBlogger 2010. In the mean time, let's get in touch online, friends! Let's get blogging (and blogwalking!) - BJ Vadis


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