Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[vadisworld - my way, my world] Fan Sketches by Andry Chang Volume1

GetAmped aka Splash Fighters by ~vadis on deviantART

A dedication (maybe the last) to GetAmped and Splash Fighters, the game that cranked up my creativity and has been my inspiration since 2006. by Andry Chang (vadis) in www.kickassinc.tk.

Featuring: (up-down, left-right)
- Dangerous Bob
- Jackie Noboru
- Fabicro (Fabian Crowe)
- Killer Lieutenant
- Celestia Starr
- Bombastik Don

Getamped: www.getamped.org
Splash Fighters: www.splashfighters.com

Xar and Vichattan Fan Sketch 1 by ~vadis on deviantART

A fan sketch made for the fantasy fiction novel
"Xar & Vichattan" by Bonmedo Tambunan
(Published in Indonesian Language)

Left: Gerome
Right: Dalrin
Background: Amor the Guardian Swan

More about Xar & Vichattan: The Heirs of Light Cycle in

5 cm - Fan Comic Cover by ~vadis on deviantART

This is the fan art of the novel "5 cm" by Donny Dhirgantoro
The comic is in Indonesian Language
Comic by Andry Chang
"5cm" Website: www.5cm-legacy.com


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