Monday, February 06, 2012

[Riverstream Rhapsody] ZingZIllas: The Big Coconut Adventure

The Big Coconut Adventure is an online environment for children to explore the world of monkey band, the ZingZillas, learning about music along the way. Set on an island, there are four different areas to explore, each with 2 musical games. As you explore the island you are rewarded with coconuts and once you've found all 4 it's time for the Big Zing.

ZingZillas is a fantastic example of a truly collaborative project -- we worked very closely with animation company, Blue Zoo, who created the character animations throughout as well as the in-house interactive team at CBeebies.

Clap your hands, stamp your feet and dance around the living room as you accompany the ZingZillas on their magical, musical, tropical island.

Play the game here:



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