Saturday, May 18, 2013

D4ED - Yamagoya Ramen

yamagoya miso mukashi ramen photo yamagoya-miso-mukashi-special-ramen_zps04d3af22.jpg
Yamagoya Miso Mukashi Special Ramen

yamagoya chahan photo yamagoya-chahan_zps55784526.jpg
Yamagoya Chahan (Fried Rice)

A taste of authentic Japanese Noodle (Ramen) flavors, right here in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Just can't forget the rich, herbal-like flavor that's savory and a bit bitter at the same time. Testify, testify!

BJ Vadis the D4ER sampled some stuff in: (18/05/13)

Yamagoya Ramen
Mall of Indonesia 1st Floor Unit 617
Jl. Boulevard Barat - Kelapa Gading - Jakarta

For more information, visit:

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