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[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] World of Kung Fu! TheAncient Battle

It was 200 B.C. when the Han Dynasty was just founded. Xin, detached by Liu Bang, the Emperor of Han, was defeated by Xiongnu army in the battle of Mayi and was caught as a captive. Maodun Shanyu, the general of Xiongnu army, wanted to capture Jin Yang City after his army won the battle. Knowing Shanyu's ambition, Liu Bang led a great group of army heading to Jin Yang City. He swore that he would not give up the important city. It was terribly cold because of the big snow. The Xiongnu army was blocked by the Han's troops and the bad weather. A trick occurred to Shanyu's mind. He made his troops fall back slowly to pretend that his army was defeated, which seduce Liu Bang's army to leave the city and chase. As was planned by Shanyu, all the Han's troops concentrated their efforts on chasing the small part of the Xiongnu army, not aware at all that they were rushing to the ambush circle of Xiongnu army's main force. So Shanyu successfully cut the connection between Han's army and its supply troops. Liu Bang was then put in a very dangerous situation.

Some Kung Fu masters wanted to help their Emperor to resist against Xiongnu's invasion. They gathered together and took actions by themselves. After they had successfully penetrated Xiongnu army's military encirclement, they were confronted a mysterious troops of soldier's with red turbans and tattoos on their bodies. Obviously, this was a secret force led my Shanyu since they were not normal Xiongnu soldiers.

The war between the Kung Fu masters and the mysterious troops would be triggered at once...
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