Saturday, January 02, 2010

Movie Reviews: Up in the Air, Sherlock Holmes, King's Bounty - Totally Rad Show

A look ahead to 2010 movies and games! What do we think of Reitman's newest? It's Up in the Air! Is Sherlock Homes more than just elementary? Do we still love King's Bounty? Is Pixel Junk Shooter on target?

Alex, Dan, and Jeff certainly disagreed about Jason Reitman's last film, Juno. With all its positive buzz, will Up in the Air be just as divisive?
Alex and Jeff weren't able to see the new Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Homes before leaving for the holidays, but luckily Dan weighs in with a full report for the guys.

Video Games
One of Jeff's favorite games of last year has a new sequel, so they guys make sure to check out King's Bounty: Armored Princess to see if it retains the magic of the first game.
Speaking of favorite games, the Pixel Junk franchise has consistently raised the bar for downloadable titles on the PS3, culminating in last year's Pixel Junk Eden. Does the newest addition, Pixel Junk Shooter continue the trend?

2010 Predictions!
The guys look ahead to some of the most interesting upcoming geek events of 2010 in the world of movies and games, and try to sum up their feeling about the top 10 in each category in a single sentence. This might get puny.
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