Sunday, December 02, 2012

Chloe's Closet


Chloe's Closet" follows the fun-filled adventures of an adorable, imaginative little girl named Chloe who discovers magical new worlds while playing dress-up in her closet. With each new costume Chloe tries on, she is swept up in a fantastical journey with her best friend and constant companion, her security blanket named Lovely Carrot. Chloe's experiences also encourage the audience to celebrate how delightful it is to be a little kid embarking upon a fabulously fun and fearless, anything-can-happen journey -- while also exploring the exciting realm of preschool math. The majority of each episode is devoted to Chloes imaginary world, where the world of make believe is engaged once her closet doors open and a costume donned, while Chloes real-life bookends the stories. The show is produced in 3D CGI and Flash animation by Mike Young Productions

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