Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Starchaser's Journeys - Phase One

A Wayfarer, also a Stargazer. That's what I, Andry Chang partly doing in order to spread out and meet extraordinary people. The reason? For inspiration, or simply out of admiration.
Here are a few steps I've made. - @andrychang

(2nd from right) With the Japanese-Indonesian translator of Shin Suikoden and Eiji Yoshikawa's works

With Hans J. Gumulya, author of Vandaria Saga - The Elir Trilogy

With Fachrul R.U.N. (Author of Vandaria Saga - Hailstorm & Redfang) (left) and Lia Achmadi (Broadcaster at RRI Pro-2 FM - Ruang Literasi) (right)

With Bonmedo Tambunan (author of Xar & Vichattan) (left) and Truly Rudiono (prominent book enthusiast) (right)

Shirley SYS - Creator of "Sang Sayur" (Frus and Vegs) supports Vandaria Saga
Middle: Harbowoputra (contributor in Vandaria Saga - Kristalisasi)

Marcelino Lefrandt and Aswin (creators of VOLT) supports Vandaria Saga - Kristalisasi

All from the events in 2012

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