Saturday, November 28, 2009

Auto Blackthrough FINAL BATTLE Jakarta 2009

A photo documentary of
Auto Blackthrough FINAL BATTLE Jakarta 2009
Jakarta Convention Center, November 28-29, 2009

Although the "Fast and Furious" trend is declining in Indonesia with people satisfied only with "Original Parts", the Auto Blackthrough event is still delivering some promise.

Modificators are now paying more attention to performance as showed in the Dyno Challenge Contest. All in all, once again it's a great show of great showcars (and showgirls, hehehe).

I, for one dreamed that one day someone in Indonesia is crazy enough to tune an exotic car like a Ferrari (somebody did), Lamborghini, Bentley or the like. No Veyron here, nosiree, and I still yet to observe the masterpiece curves of the Audi R8, real time. So, keep dreaming and may Indonesia move on and prosper! Go go Indonesian Tuners! - BJ Vadis.

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