Monday, November 23, 2009

[Playful Tots 2009] Playful Tots November catalogue is here!!

"Gwah gwah"--> 5-month old Playful Tots has good news mom and dads. We've been working really hard and finally, our November catalogue is here! Just like all kids growing up to be better, we have also grown and made lots of improvements to our November catalogue.

Our November catalogue is our biggest yet! We have 300 over pictures for girls fashion and almost 200 pictures for boys fashion clothes. Our photos has also improved in quality, plus there are front, back, side and close-up views for clothes we think are necessary. We have also improved the accuracy of the sizes for each clothing, so that you can be sure that the size you bought suits your child best. Note that our size is based on normal sized kids. This is one reason why we took a little longer time to finish our catalogue, it's not easy mommies 'cause we have to improve the accuracy for a larger number of clothes. So thank you for your kind patience.

Our new catalogue also feature our PROMO for the MONTH OF NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. Look out for the words "HARGA SPECIAL", meaning special price, for the various clothes that are limited in quantity. These clothes do not have a complete selection of sizes left, so if your kids are lucky to be of that size hurry and get them mom! They are still of Playful Tots' best quality clothes just at a mark-down price!

For mommies and daddies who want to know what is hot, look out for the words "PRODUK HOT!!" which means hot products!! These are what is popular right now and some are selling fast in our stores. For example the MICKEY AND MINNIE swimming costumes and clothes are selling really hot at the moment! Not many of these are left even though we have re-stocked them...boy are these hot!! Also for most of our selection, we provided insights to the quality of the material and design, so that you feel like you are shopping physically at our Playful Tots store mom!

For those who wish to obtain our catalogue, we need:
1. Your e-mail address
2. Your kid's age
3. Your kid is boy or girl?

Reach us at

We at Playful Tots will keep striving to improve and make the children of Indonesia look cute and cool, so keep supporting us ok moms and dads! "Dah dah" --> Thank you

-->little bit of trivia for Playful Tots fanatics, if you look at the background of each picture you will see a pink and green background, that is our trademark and identity :)

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