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Theoretically, griffins fly faster than airships. Well, in this case, the Airship Aurora is the first flying object that lands near Myrcalia, the capital of Arcadia Empire. The griffin Acavela was lost from sight, and the ‘bodyguards’ are all worried, hoping that nothing or no one would prevent them from getting here in time.

Half an hour after that, to their relief, the griffin Acavela and the newly-weds arrive on the spot. Prince Cristophe and Princess Eloise are okay: no signs of tension or attack on them, though the wind has messed up Eloise’s hair-do. Only Eloise’s beauticians have something to complain about – doing their work all over again.

Robert also doesn’t want to waste time. He reports to Bernides, head of Arcadian welcoming committee and prepares the newly-weds for the parade.

Two hours later, the parade begins to march from the chateau near the landing site to the city gates and then to Levides palace. The bride and groom stand together in a glod-plated open carriage, pulled by eight white horses of about the same size and finest breed with reins of gold.

Of course, an invisible Omnigalatr protection field surrounds the passengers and the carriage to protect them from snipers and such attacks. Soldiers from the elite Arcadian Royal Guards march in front, wearing full chain armors in red-white uniforms bearing Arcadian national emblem: the silver eagle. They consist of infantry and cavalry of a hundred strong, armed with halberds, swords and shields. Four Arcadian Knights lead them on the front.

Robert, Adler and Carolyn ride behind the troops. The wedding carriage follows behind them. Four heroes: Hernan, Iris, Andreas and Eidos guard its left and right sides.

Kyflynn, Desmond and Agustina ride behind the carriage, followed by four Lorean Knights and fifty soldiers as rear guards. Dejan surveys the air as an eagle.

A crowd of multitudes, three times more people than in Alceste are crammed on roadsides. They want to witness Eloise, now regarded as the ‘Goddess of Peace’. Colorful flags and decorations add to the grandness of this occasion.

As the parade moves into the city gates, about three hundred dancers and one hundred and forty musicians join in the front. Also some performers displaying their talents and heralds with magically amplified voices introducing Eloise to the public.

Cheers from the crowd in the city are thunderous, echoing throughout the city and miles around. For them, it’s as though Cristophe is just returned from a war in victory, bringing home a gift of peace and hope for a better future. The peace that comes with Eloise Galford. Also the weapon that can increase their chance significantly against Vordac’s Heir and the Dark Forces – the Arsenal of Light.

Never, in many years the spirits are this high. A social unrest almost occurred when the Crown Prince, Alexis returned from the campaign in Lore in defeat. Although this time peace – not warfare victory – made this day, the People of Arcadia don’t view it as a weakness. It is peace they actually want. They are tired with the war, cold war and boycotts. Not absolute domination of the mainland. Just peace.

With peace they will be better prepared against the threats from the Dark Forces. If another war really erupts, their morale will be high.

Chris and Eloise just wave at the crowd, not too much engaged in conversation like in Alceste. All Eloise says is,

‘What a marvelous empire you live in, my Prince! So great, so grand!’

Chris responds, ‘Yours also, my dearest. Alas, we only see the glamorous and glorious side of this nation now. Out there, there are people in need, weak and suffering. From now on, we must work hard to help them survive in this feudal age.’

‘You’re right, my love. After this time of marvels, comes time of hard work. Well, here I am, your helper. And I’ll be with you, supporting you until death do us part.’

And Chris kisses Eloise as thanks.



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