Monday, March 19, 2012

Teguh Sukaryo Classic Piano - Scenes of Childhood

Ever wonder what your childhood was like? Ever try to delve into the fondest, most beautiful memory in your life? Ever try to play along with a child, if you have one?
Michael Jackson once sang: "Have you seen my childhood?"

Well, even in the turbulence of our lives, you might have the luxury of memorizing the joy, the laughter, the beauty in the place like heaven: full of love, unconditional from our parents.

Now, the master concert pianist, Teguh Sukaryo brings you that luxury, that privilege into your very ears. Experience the purity, the unique performance of classical music with the masterpieces from Joaquin Turina, Claude Debussy, Robert Schumann and Federico Mompou. Even the great composers of the past realized and striven to recreate that moment of beauty, materializing it into beautiful, heavenly music.


Turina’s El Circo Op. 68

Debussy’s Children’s Corner

Schumann’s Kinderzenen Op. 15

Mompou’s Scenes d’Enfants

Performed by: Teguh Sukaryo – Pianist

Track List:

El Circo Op. 68 – Joaquin Turina

El Perro Sabio
Trapecios Volantes

Children’s Corner – Claude Debussy

Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
Jimbo’s Lullaby
Serenade of the Doll
The Snow is Dancing
The Little Shepherd
Golliwogg’s Cakewalk

Kinderzenen Op. 15 – Robert Schumann

Of Foreign Lands and People
A Curious Story
Catch Me If You Can
Pleading Child
Happy Enough
An Important Event
At the Fireside
Knight of the Hobbyhorse
Almost Too Serious
Child Falling Asleep
The Poet Speaks

Scenes d’Enfants – Federico Mompou

Cris Dans la Rue
Jeux sur la Plage I
Jeu II
Jeunes Filles au Jardin

Availabe in Audio-CD (Compact Disc) Format

Price in Indonesia: Rp 80.000,- (Jakarta area, not including shipping fee)

Price Overseas: US$ 10 (not including shipping fee)

To know more about Teguh Sukaryo, just visit:

Biography of Teguh Sukaryo – Click here to read


Twitter: @teguh_sukaryo

To see Teguh Sukaryo's performances, visit this YouTube channel:

Sample Playlist:

The Jumping Fingers – Click Here

To buy the CD, please contact:

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E-Mail: andrychang-at-gmail-dot-com

Phone Number: 0816-4827618

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Jakarta Barat 11510

Tlp: +62-21 5695 8229
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