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[vadismash - the music channel] Gotye - Eyes Wide Open - officialfilm clip

The song Eyes Wide Open, from the album Making Mirrors

Buy Eyes Wide Open here:

Buy Making Mirrors here

Film clip for the Gotye song Eyes Wide Open, directed by Brendan Cook at PictureDRIFT, featuring character design and animation by Darcy Prendergast at DeePee Studios, and design and animation by Jeremy Bianco, Darryn Rogers and Brendan Cook.

Full credits:

Production Company:



Brendan Cook

Character Design & Animation:

Darcy Prendergast

3D Design & Animation:

Jeremy Bianco

2D Design and Compositing:

Jeremy Bianco

Brendan Cook

Darryn Rogers

Timelapse Photography:

Enrique Pacheco

Nick Reygaert

Brendan Cook

Darryn Rogers


David Wakeley

Enrique Pacheco

Special Effects Makeup:

Rachelle O'Donnell

Music credits:

Produced by Wally De Backer

Additional production by Francois Tetaz

Mixed by Francois Tetaz,

Assisted by Andy Stewart and Wally at The Mill, Gippsland, VIC

Drums recorded by Francois Tetaz at Soundpark Studios, Northcote, VIC

Cellos and bass recorded by Francois Tetaz at Moose Mastering, Richmond, VIC

Pedal steel guitar recorded by Lachlan Carrick in the loungeroom of Matt Walker's house, Upwey, VIC

The Winton Musical Fence (designed and constructed by Graeme Leak) recorded by Wally, Winton, QLD

All other sounds collected, manipulated or recorded by Wally in The Barn, Merricks, VIC


Whale Cellos: Gareth Skinner

Poker Bass: Lucas Taranto

Wasteland pedal steel guitar: Michael Hubbard

Drums, Winton Musical Fence, sampled sounds,

lead and backing vocals: Wally

Mastered by William Bowden at King Willy Sound, Stanmore, NSW


So this is the end of the story

Everything we had, everything we did

Is buried in dust

And this dust is all that's left of us

But only a few ever worried

Though the signs were clear, they had no idea

You just get used to living in fear

Or give up

When you can't even picture your future

We walk the plank with our eyes wide open...

Some people offered up answers

We made out like we heard, but they were only words

They didn't add up

To a change in the way we were living

And the saddest thing-

Is all of it could have been avoided

But it was like to stop consuming is to stop being human

And why would I make a change if you won't

We're all in the same boat, staying afloat

For the moment

And we walk the plank with our eyes wide open, we..

Walk the plank with our eyes wide open

With our eyes wide open we...

Walk the plank, we walk the plank

And that was the end of the story



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