Friday, November 23, 2012


VadisRants 2012:

I like to mix stuff. Mix one old stuff and another, we got a new stuff. Take a part away, it's back to another old stuff.

I know I can't beat 'em, but I went anyway. Got 2 black eyes and lost a couple teeth, 'twas worth the experience tho'. (Figuratively speaking)
'Twas just another of my many defeats, so why bother?

Nothing is more heart-thumping than waiting for a miracle to happen.

VadisRants 2011:

A good leader is the one who gains power and popularity by getting in the news, not advertisements. Good news, to be exact.

If the only way to win is cheating, it's a game I rather avoid. Better be a loser than a winner who lost his soul.

How fragile life is, like a candle in the wind. Neither armor nor our best effort can protect its entirety. Better enjoy the flame as it lasts.

In business, rather deal with a knight than a gambler. But how do we know? Through experience, our own or someone else's, we can develop intuition and the ability to judge one's character. That's why direct meetings and information from our network are still and always very important.
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