Monday, June 17, 2013

The Starchaser's Journeys - Phase Two

The journey continues.
In 2013, through our works we also met some people with distinction, and support each other.
Also for publication of our works: Qi Xi Anthology, Love Around You Anthology and all. 
Here are some of them.

With Audy, singer and Iko Uwais, action movie star (starring in "The Raid" & "Merantau")

With Joe Taslim, action movie star (in "The Raid" and "Fast and Furious 6")

Jonas Rivano supports Qi Xi & Love Around You - @andrychang supports Lovandah

Asmirandah, singer and movie star supports Qi Xi & Love Around You. @andrychang supports Lovandah Anthology

With Galang Tirtakusuma, creator of "Garudaboi" & "Vulcaman-Z" comics

With Is Yuniarto, creator of Garudayana Saga (comics-manga)

Ibu Nila Sari, a celebrity cake artist supports Andry's work in Qi Xi Anthology

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