Saturday, September 20, 2008

[Riverstream Rhapsody] A Near Death Experience

Andry Chang, my journal September 20, 2008

    I just feel like I want to share something...

On my way to the Soul Revival Sermon by Reverend DR. Stephen Tong in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia September 19-21, 2008 today (Sep 20) by bus from North Jakarta, our bus was hit by a trailer truck. It was just a bump, fortunately, and the driver was seem sleepy – or he wasn't even a trained truck driver after all. Avoiding more trouble with the police, things were settled quickly and we continued the ride.

But still, it might have been a crash and for a moment there, a split-second, I thought I was going to die. Nevertheless, something bumped my mind hard. As you might perceive, if God wanted me to die yesterday, I would die and (probably) go back home (to heaven, i hope) and rest in peace in God's loving hands. Apparently, God has other plans for me and all of the 40+ passengers there. It was like He said, "Hey, you can't go home and rest now. There are still lots of work to do for you in this world. Missions to accomplish, a field to sow and grow, and lives to seek out. Your time isn't up yet."

So, that's what happened, and this is what I did afterwards. I'm doing the job by telling it to an old guy sitting next to me just after the sermon, and telling this to you through this journal.

Well, there's still lots of work to do, and things will get hectic for me from now on.

God bless you.


Posted By Andry Chang to Riverstream Rhapsody at 9/20/2008 06:11:00 PM

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