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Review and Commentary of Garudayana Vol 2 by Is Yuniarto

by Peter Prabowo on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 7:24pm
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Warning: This review is half spoiler, and half spoiler-free. Since I'm not sure which part is the spoiler for you and you're not sure which one I considered spoiler, even though that spoiler may not be spoiler at all, let's just play safe and say this review has spoilers.

Title: Garudayana 2

Author/Artist: Is Yuniarto

Editor: Gupta Mahendra S

Graphic Designer: Heru Lesmana

Publisher: Koloni


From the creator of Wind Rider & Knights of Apocalypse Trilogy

Kirana the treasure hunter and the little Garuda departed to 'Sanda Nuai', the Cliff of Corpses to find a lead to the whereabouts of Kiskenda Cave. Meanwhile, in a fight with the Ashuras, Gatotkaca was shocked by the coming of a least expected foe...

I just have one question. Why does HE hog the whole cover?


It's good. Carry on.

Final Verdict 8 out of 10

The only Indonesian comic book I enjoy more than Bleach or Naruto



Okay ^^ I was just pulling your leg

but the rating stays.


When I bought Garudayana 2, I was driving my mom to buy whatever it is she wanted to buy. I sat down, unwrap the book and read it the moment she said "wait here". I read, I laughed, I giggled, then she came back and we went home. I read it while having lunch, smiled again, and finished it before continuing work.

I did this whenever I bought a new Koloni (without the mum), but so far Garudayana 2 is the only Koloni book where I didn't have to raise eyebrow, say "what?", facepalm, or say a louder "WHAT!?". It is as enjoyable as a comic book can be, and although the art is not perfect (what does?) it doesn't stop me from enjoying the book. When I finished it, for the first time ever since reading Koloni books, I feel eager to read the next volume.

Kinara and Garuda continued their adventure to find the Elder Garudas. They took a side quest, Tomb Raiding to get the key to open a cave, which will give them clue to find the Elders. They brave the hilarious undead, while Legojuna escorted Hakase-Semar with the Trio. In a different place, Gatotkaca helps people while hunting other Ashuras (there isn't only one, apparently)

The battle between Gatotkaca and 3 Ashuras took the most part of the book, followed by the undead followed Kinara and Garuda to a World Map Random Village, while a mysterious character looked on. A new epic character is also introduced, someone well known by Gatotkaca and Legojuna, and attacked both of them.

If there's any weakness to this book, is that compared to the first, it doesn't have that much plot. It's basically a side quest plus mystery. A bridge to from the pilot to a series. Compared to the first action-packed, information-packed one, you may feel it a little empty, a little let down. Especially since you know you have to wait a year to get the next volume.

However as a bridge, the volume made to make us hyped up to the next, it's not bad. In fact, it's good. Since there's not much in it, we want to know more, and we want to wait for the next volume. So in that case it works. The time taken to produce the next volume kinda dampen it though.

But there's hope. The author has proven himself time and time again that he can produce wonderful works. A couple of assistants and the right sponsor, then maybe in a couple of years... no... let's be hopeful and say months... maybe we can get our first monthly (or bi-monthly) series.

So, anyone in Surabaya (nii-san, do you still live there?) go contact him.

Press X for grappling hook


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