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Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, #3)Crystal Gorge by David Eddings

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, honestly I haven't read the Malloreon and the Belgariad series,
yet somebody strongly recommended David & Leigh Eddings' books for me to study, as I am a fantasy author myself.

From the Dreamers series, I learned how to "control" so many characters as per their role in the story.

Yet, in Crystal Gorge, as well as other series, "gods" and "dreams" are involved, things are quite revealed and foretold. The most exciting part is, of course the details and backgrounds of the characters that made them likable and the "tactics" the armies used, using the resources of the land so brilliantly so they can win battles with minimal casualties.

And well, as spoiler goes, none of the key characters has been "killed" yet this time, and how the final victory factor was discovered and available - though still, brilliantly executed, using the elemental pattern of: 1. Earth (+Fire), 2. Water, 3. Fire (+Wind), and later, 4. Wind (+Ice). The pattern, as well as the targets of attack, though predictable are simply brilliant.

One thing, though, for me, it's always so sickening when "gods" are involved - although it's all logical and necessary as a decisive factor. I mean, as the characters said, "What use are the outlanders if a single person (through the dreamers) can win this war?" - and the reasons are (yet again) brilliantly explained in the story.

Overall, it's really fascinating, and maybe I'll read more of David Edding's works next time.

Favourite characters:
1. Keselo - for his brilliance and use of his knowledge
2. Rabbit - his expertise is more of the technical side, yet he's a funny bunny
3. Ekial - New favourite, especially for his prowess and speed as a cavalry commander
4. Longbow - Grim determination and a brilliant tactician. He's actually the "leading role", right?
5. Eleria - Kiss kiss, hug, hug!
6. Veltan - He tends to do his job well, but on occasions tends to avoid responsibilities
7. Dahlaine - A bit of absent-minded, probably because of ooooolld age. Sleepyhead, in exact
8. Zelana - beautiful, gorgeous, loving, absolutely stunning

Characters I'd like to punch in the face:
1. Ara - a mysterious, "treasured one". She seems to control everything from the background.
2. Omago - what a lucky chap, right, "Father"?
3. Trenicia - a bit of a blockhead, maybe but it's probably because of lack of technology.
4. Sorgan - a sarcastic, yet cooperative chap
5. Ox - the most powerful human of the lot
6. Aracia - I can't help but feel sorry for her
7. Lillabeth, Ashad, Yaltar - all they have to do, is dream... dream, dream, dream...
8. Balacenia, Enalla, Vash & Dakas - the "Big Me"s really added up to the mountainous pile of names...

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