Sunday, April 24, 2011

[Riverstream Rhapsody] Rio

Blu a rare Macaw (He is the last male of his kind) is forced to leave his homestaste of Minnesota to meet Jewel (She is the last female of her and Blus kind) in Rio De Juinero. Blu first meets Nico and Pedro when he arives at Rio who gives Blu advice about Brazilian ladies. When Blu meets Jewel he takes nico and pedros advice and fails/gets rejected. later that night Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by poachers who think they can sell them for a fortune. Blu and Jewel escape but there forced to walk (since Blu cant fly and he is chained to Jewel.) The poachers pet bird Nigel goes and tells his monkey friend Fernando and tells him and his monkey friends to find and catch Blu and Jewel. After meeting Rafael Blu trys to fly but ends up failing in an near life death experiance. They then run into Nico and Pedro and go to a bird club and dance. Fernando spots them and tells them to come with him. That then sparks a war between Birds and Monkeys. Blu and Jewel get out and meet Rafael and Luiz who then breaks there Blu amd Jewels chain on there leg. As Jewel goes for a fly around rio she gets caught by Nigel. Nico and Pedro tell Blu that Jewel got caught.. Blu then goes to get Jewel.


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