Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] Sieger | Angry Birds RioGame


Sieger | Angry Birds Rio Game

Game Info: Sieger

The goal of each level of Sieger to win a level as the Siege commander you have to kill all the castle defenders and keep the hostages safe from harm by carefully choosing what supporting blocks of the castle to smash with your cannon fire. You can earn one of the three medals (Gold, Silver and Bronze) and you can also loot each castle by breaking a treasure chest. The fewer shots fired at the castle the better. The Level Editor allows you to create and share your own custom levels. Check out the People’s Empire to play the user submitted levels. The bonus level unlocks at the end when all the previous castles are taken.
How to Play:

Sieger Game Controls: Point at a castle block and click to fire with your mouse.

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