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Review and Commentary of Garudayana 3 by Is Yuniarto
by Peter Prabowo on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 9:06pm

Warning: In which the reviewer can relax

Author/Artist: Is Yuniarto

Title: Garudayana 3

Publisher: Koloni


The fight between Gatotkaca and his brother, Antareja reached its climax. Gatotkaca was forced to use the Brajamusti (Thunder Fist) to deal with Antareja's Nagarupa (Dragon Form)...

I'm sure people who actually know about the legend can enjoy this book more than I do.


Review and Commentary

I was never interested in Shadow Puppet stories or Indonesian Legend in general. Maybe because I've read so many of it back in school days, in lesson textbook and library books, that I don't want to read them in fiction. Garudayana is an exception because it's not merely an adaptation of a legend, but a good story of it's own. The proof is how I can enjoy it without having prior knowledge of the story.

Is Yuniarto continue to provide us with high quality work. This book becomes the best one yet as new characters are introduced, back stories are told, and exciting actions explode from the pages. The plot and action is more balanced (though still lean more to the action) compared to volume 2, and humor take a back seat (but still very loud) compared to the first volume.

As I've said before Garudayana so far is the only series that doesn't make me facepalm or say flat what because of technical problems or unbelievable storytelling. So that means I can enjoy the story while giving my opinion like an ordinary reader, and if there's a protest, it will be out of taste.

In the first part, Arjuna fought with Antareja while comic relief Punakawan Trio cheering in the background, until Arjulas (coined by the author himself) was subdued and The Trio enter the battle. Needless to say they got pawned. Antareja fled when Arjuna threatened to use his strongest attack.

A fan letter mentioned that the battle scenes remind him of Naruto. Though I didn't realized this in volume 2, I can see why in this one. Giant Stoned Snake and Ice Jutsu Arrow for example. This is not a bad thing really. It's not like it was ripped off frame to frame. In fact, most anime battle I know is like this.

The next morning Kinara and Garudaboy (wink, wink ^^) reached a new village to find info on the artefact thy found back in volume 2. This lead to a partnership with a Mysterious Woman. Meanwhile Hakase Semar and his bodyguards reached Astina Camp, and we're told how they have to camp in the first place with a flashback.

Forgive me to say this your highness, but you're a bloody idiot.

Who gamble his kingdom and wife?

Against someone with THAT kind of face?

Yudhistira still feels guilty of what happened and Hakase Semar gives him a gentle pat


or that works too


Oh shut up. You guys are getting annoying.

With past wrong forgiven, they discussed the mistery of Antareja




Pain.. strangling.. drowning.. whipping....

While Kirana's team reached Kalpataru forest. More actions happened (is that a Get Over Here! attack!?) where I have to ask are all monsters have that kind of jaw and expression? I call them the "Is's Trademark Monster Expression" or IT-ME, for short.

After some Stupid Summon advanced the plot, the reason for Antareja's behavior is revealed. Hilarious fighting ensues as Gatotkaca, Antareja and Kinara are reunited. The heroes are in critical condition after Garuda uses his Rashomon Gate to block the Mini Boss's attack and the Big Mini Boss gloat:

"Kau berani melawanku berarti kau melawan seratus Kurawa!" -
"Fight me, you fight 100 Kuravas too!"

Oh great, we still have 100 volumes ahead of us

"Jangankan seratus, seribu Kurawa pun aku tidak takut!"

"Let alone 100, 1000 Kuravas don't scare me!"

No, don't tempt the author. Seriously.

The story ends with my cringe as Kinara gets a Power Up.


Just no.

Please tell me this is not permanent.

So I just have one question:

When are we going to see Nakula's equally cute Twin Brother?


Garudayana 3 continues to provide us with exciting action, humor, and enough mistery to keep us waiting for the next volume. I don't know if anyone who have read the original legend know what's coming, but I'm sure excited to read the next volume.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Exciting from beginning to end

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