Sunday, June 22, 2008

[accell] Re: [PrePaidCellPhones] Data Cable & Softwarefor PN 215/A...

Hi -
I can't speak to your exact model of phones, but I can say that getting
Bitpim to actually work on any phone can be a "really" long frustrating
process. I have a Motorola 875 phone and "did" eventually get to where
I could transfer ring-tones and pics, etc. via the USB cable, but it
took many, many hours of reading the cell phone forum posts and
downloading patches and utilities and fiddling with settings. And I am
a very computer literate person.
If enough of the forum posts say it can be done - then it probably can.
You just have to follow all the links and instructions.
I think that generally, you can't reallly hurt a phone by just
transferring tones and pics to/from it. Just be careful when you start
installing Java applications (like games), since they might mess up the
phone's operating system.
The best I can suggest is to Google, Google,Google about your phone till
you find some answers.

Good luck,

~Mary G. Ray~ wrote:
> I got my son a prepaid account with PagePlus (which piggybacks off of
> Verizon). Little did I know at the time that PagePlus is either not set up
> to send multi media messages (or has not enabled that feature yet for
> whatever reason). So he can't send/receive photos or MP3s, and he can't
> download songs from Phonezoo. This is a 16 year old!!! Not being able to
> have his own song on the phone or exchange the pictures he takes with the
> phone is making this carrier totally undesirous for my son. He puts his
> phone on SILENT simply because he doesn't want the dorky ring tones that
> came with the phone to embarrass him.
> We purchased a USED Pantech PN 215. I've heard that Pantech is compatible
> with the Audiovox 8915 data cable, but I also saw people posting that they
> got the cable to work with BitPim, and see files but they were UNABLE to
> transfer sounds and pictures - which is the ONE thing I want to do.
> According to the, the Audiovox 8900 is incompatible with BitPim,
> but I'm uncertain as to whether it is or isn't compatible with Audiovox
> 8915. That specific model is not addressed either way.
> Meanwhile, I managed to get a Pantech USB data cable, Model PDC-UAC5 given
> to me for free from Verizon. Would it work with BitPim or any other software
> to SEND and RECEIVE pictures and sounds? I'm wondering if I should just try
> downloading BitPm and attempt using it with the Pantech 215. If it's
> incompatible, do I risk messing up the phone just by trying to work with it?
> Please help so we can make use of the our investment for this PagePlus
> account. If I can't get the PN 215 to send/receive pics & MP3s, then my
> only other option is another Verizon phone that will do that with a data
> cable. I'd like to avoid spending MORE money for another phone.
> Thanks,
> Mary

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