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[FireHeart di Fantasy Worlds Indonesia] Daftar Cerita Fantasi diForum VGI

Update: 7 Agustus 2008

Azure Skies: The Eternal Destiny
by Tenka Winchester

Antares by Arestes

Arcana by Void_astral

Alexander Arkania by Yakumo-Chan

Autobiography by Maha_Gnosis

Bakuretsu Tenshi: Chaotic
by juunishi_master

Brick Top by Heaven Lost

Blue Skies Project: Beginning Side Story by Mercury

Childhood's End by Talisa Luminate

Ciel Noir (Seal Online) by Tenka Winchester

Cross Blade: Legend of the Twin Blade by Veedragon

Crimson Chronicle by George_De_Farmer

Dark Creature by xhoenix

Dark Knight by Brainsucker

Dancing With The Dead by TheSisterPrincess

=Dhenoun: The Black Orb by xhoenix

Demon Slayer by saint_demon

Dragon's Love by Ewing

Diary of Carcea by PS2kid

Drazhyu's - The Dragon Orb by Iz@y-N

Dunia Tak Bernyawa by No Mercy

Endless Destiny: The Gathering of the Endless
by SZero
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Earth's Core: Under the Surface by Fallen Angel

Einherjar's Fiction by Maha_Gnosis

FARLAND (Elda Rune Chronicle) by Shiki

Fragments by Devspar_Zero

Forever Wicked by Ewing

Ferum Fatum by Chii

Fatal Frame: The Fallen One by Vengeful Gale

George de Farmer's Dream Journal by George_de_Farmer

Gran Turismo 4: Return of a Hero by SupraX


Hanya Sepotong Prolog by ewing

Heaven Lost by Brick Top

Hecate by snoopiez

High Blade: The Rebellion by Jovia

I Want to Shave the World
by Leinad

Introducing Joe Bump by KaiserSoze


Karat by No Mercy

Knight (Elda Rune Chronicle) by Shiki

Knight of Elensia by entrazor

Knights of Gridiron by George_De_Farmer

Lament of the Sith by Fehrytales

L&T - You Must Choose - by Tia69

Legenda Alaeria by Jovia

Legend of Seraphine
by fansgirl

Lunar Cry by hiroy raind

Metalurgy by Claudia Rosenchain

Miss Heroine by sakurazaki90

mobile suit gundam UC-0079 side story "demon dancer" by ImpulsE

MR. Demon by Kira_

My Prince My Hero by Reyna

Nataku Yue Fanfic Collection
by Nataku Yue

Nanocomp by Kira_

Netfile by Harvin

Omnislayer by George_de_Farmer

One1Eye by aeonmaster

Pokemon Chronicles
by PS2kid

Physchometrie by Maha_Gnosis


Ramalan Jayabaya
by Ewing

Requiem of Vimrohsky by Na'

Sepatu Kets Cinderella by skygirl

Signature by juunishi master

Silvarnia Celestial Opus by Brainsucker

Shadow Legion Project by jpchin

Short Fanfic Collection

Spirit Orb by Arc Yoe

Stories that Left Untold by catraz

Sorge by aki

Story of Otong the Knight by Tenka Winchester

Silent Angel by TheSisterPrincess

Summoning Gems by Jovia

Sabeeh History by maxim84

Short Story Collection by Various Author

The Silhouette by Unknown (Author please contact mod)

SoulDear by kokonoka


The Reverie by Fehrytales

Thunder Dome by landavia

The Lost Path by landavia

The Dark Hero by 7th_Levantine

The First and The Last by Devspar_Zero

The White Hero by 7th_Levantine

The Last Dragon by Veedragon

The Last Drive by sakurazaki90

The Tales of RPG by 7th_Levantine

Thousand Swords by PS2kid

Truth be Told by kokonoka

Ultragirl: Venus by Veedragon

Vanguard Knights: The Reborned Legend
by Fallen Angel

Wangan Midnight by TheSisterPrincess

Warhammer 40K Diary of the Three Races by PanzerIV


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