Thursday, September 18, 2008

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& Dining Guide - Indonesia & Jakarta

Koh Cu

No, I'm not
blogging about ngkoh2, it still about food. Koh Cu Ong is
selling smoked chicken (available both free-range
& broiler chicken) & honey roasted pork. He
sells it from a small cart in front of Ngesti supermarket.
Koh Cu Ong claims that he has been selling from that spot
for more than four decades. We bought some of the smoked
chicken & roasted pork. Both of it tasted super duper
delicious. The pork was so crispy while the chicken meat was
so tender. His stall is going to be my regular destination
everytime i go to Bogor .
Koh Cu Ong
Koh Cu Ong
In front of Toserba
Ngesti Lama
Jl Kesatuan Rangga Gading


month I bought a new book by Laksmi Pamuntjak called
Jakarta Good Food Guide 2008-2009, it consist of
about 400 eateries from all over the place in Jakarta . One
of the place recommended by this book was this sapo
restaurant called Kamseng, served all kind of congee
24 hours. The congee selection include : beef, all kind of
pork offal, squid, fish, chicken, Guangzhou - Beijing -
Shanghai - Taiwan Special, saklon, seafood, prawn, meatball,
eel, 3 flavor, crab and plain. Since we're still a bit full
from nasi goreng, we only ordered the eel congee 24K with
telur phitan 5.5K. The meal came in a hot sapo pot,
the congee was very tasty but the texture was too fine.
Usually I didn't like this kind of congee but this one can
makes me scrape the bottom of the bowl. later I found out
that we can choose a coarse type of congee. With this price
plus it was much2 more delicious than the famous congee next
door, we surely will be back. :)
Bubur Sapo Kamseng
Kamseng Restaurant
Bubur Sapo

Mangga Besar I No.26
West Jakarta
+62(21) 6492319,
70766958 ()


Ah Tuan

ah tuan ee
The first thing that grab my attention from
this place is its interior. Decorated in Malay's kampong
house style, using bird cage as their hanging lamp, plus the
servant dressed in sarong and kebaya makes this place quite
catchy. Located at Pacific Place , served malaysian nyonya
cuisine. such as nasi lemak, asam laksa, char kuay teow etc.
we decided to order the asam laksa 35.5K, kuay
28.5K with teh tarik 13.5K and honey lime
17.5K. Actually the food was not bad, but not really suit my
taste. the asam laksa's concoction was too thick compared to
what I had at Penang . but the taste was OK though. the kuay
teow was too sweet and a bit too oily, the teh tarik was
good, but my honey lime turn out to be kum quat
juice. :)
 ah tuan ee
 Ah Tuan Ee's
Nyonya Cuisine

Pacific Place 4th level
Niaga Terpadu Sudirman (SCBD)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Jakarta 12190
ph. +62(21) 5797 3364
+62(21) 5797 3365

 Dimsum @


1. Siew Mai (12K)
& Kaki Ayam (11K) 2. Bubur Ayam Phitan (14K) 3.
Cheongfan Udang (14K) & Cheongfan Cakwe (14K) 4. Lumpia
Saus Tiram (11K) 4. cristal seafood (13K) 6. Hakau (12K) 5.
7. 8. Guo Tie(11K) 9. Lobak Goreng Telur (14K) 10. Puding
Mangga (14K), Almond (13K) & Alpukat (13K) + Coffee (7K)
11. Talas Goreng (11K) 12. Bebola Kumis Naga (13K) 13. Tan
Tat (11K)

Samudra Seafood

8th BRI II Center Park
Jl. Jend.
Sudirman Kav 44-46,
Jakarta 10210
ph. +62(21)
fx. +62(21) 5704124


This place is
one of SC's favorite place. Located at Taman Palem Lestari -
West Jakarta , served Jambinese noodle. they served 2 types
of noodle : tamie kecil and tamie lebar in
various size (regular, regular with double topping, big, big
with double topping & with soup), they also served
kwetiau & bihun. We usually only ordered the regular
portion (11K) plus one bowl of pangsit ikan (15K),
the noodle came with a bowl of broth soup (fish & meat).
What make this noodle special is we can add several
condiment to the noodle and soup to enhanced the taste. I
usually mixed it with a little black vinegar, fish sauce,
chilli sauce, and chilli slices. and it tasted so delicious,
but some times too much chilli makes my stomach hot all day
long. :p
 Ting An
Ting An Tamie

Taman Palem
(closed every monday)

Bihun Bebek

Last week, SC
drag me to tried Bihun Bebek 75 located at Pluit Sakti Raya,
we heard that this place served 'duck beehon' with soup made
from chinese herbs. So although we're still full from
previous lunch at dapur umum & ragusa , we entered and
ordered a portion of bihun bebek, the meal came with
a bowl of beehon topped with steam duck slices, spring
onnion & cilantro, the soup was put in separate bowl. I
tried the soup first, since the soup smells so good, the
soup itself was really delicious. next I tried to mixed the
soup with the duck beehon, the meal was delicious, but the
soup became a bit salty :)
 Bihun Bebek 75
 Bihun Bebek 75
Jl. Pluit Sakti
Raya No.49
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 6693 980

Bakmi Keriting Siantar

Last weekend I
craved for Bakmi Keriting Siantar. A lot of noodle
stalls claim that they sell this kind of noodle, but finding
an authentic (and tasty) one is quite difficult. After
a friend

about this, SC took me to a restaurant at Muara Karang
called "Bakmi Keriting Siantar 19" (still in the Muara
Karang traditional market area) and we had a bowl of
Bakmi Keriting Siantar 12K and Bihun Kari. It
was very delicious. The minced meat was juicy &
generous, the wonton was also not bad. I think we will be
back again this weekend for more :)
 Bakmi Keriting Siantar 10
 Bakmie Keriting Siantar 19
Muara Karang Blok Z5 No.10-12
Jakarta 14450
+62(21) 66690622


 We had
our last dimsum last year at SunCity Luxury Club located at
Lindeteves Trade Center . From the interior and ambiance we
can guess that it is a fine dining chinese restaurant. We
arrived late so our friends have already started ordering
and we just sat and dig in. One of the orders that I found
quite special was the roasted baby duck 118K (4pcs). It was
pricey but tasted good.. and to eat it, they provided us
with a set of plastic gloves, so our hands wouldn't get
dirty. The other menus were also delicious, such as the fish
porridge 28K, xiao long bao 13.8K, talas goreng 11.8K, lobak
goreng tauge saos XO, tan tart 11.8K. The desert was great
too. We ordered puding sago mangga, pudding mangga, tim
ginseng dengan kurma merah 22K and gui ling gao.
 Sun City
Lindeteves Trade
Centre 5th Floor
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 127

+62(21) 6220-1900 (hunting)
fax. +62(21) 6220-1669


2 weeks ago
we had a family dimsum brunch at this new restaurant called
May Star located a Le Grandeur Hotel (ex Dusit
Hotel). I don't really like the interior (imho the romantic
& flowery decoration just don't match with Chinese
cuisine), plus it was so cold there. The restaurant have a
vast selection of dim sum, and they offered a portion of
roast duck for only 1K if our bill reach 500K. Overall the
meal was good, I especially like their "chrisanthium
pudding" and "Chinese snake soup" but not their "almond
pudding". Overall we spent about 75K per person and it
already include the roast duck. :)
May Star
 May Star
Le Grandeur Hotel 3rd
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
Jakarta 10730

Dimsum at Ah

Ah Yat

3 days
later, still in a holiday mood, we went to Ah Yat
again for dimsum (they offer 50% discount on weekdays &
saturday, 30% on sunday or public holiday using BII card).
This time we arrived quite early, but the place was already
full with people. We sat and ordered everything from the
dimsum list: chicken claw with black bean sauce 9.8K,
steamed pork ribs with garlic 13.8K, xiao long bao 15.8K,
deep fried crispy wan tan dumpling 15.8K, deep fried
yam dumpling 13.8K, pan fried carrot cake 13.8K, baked BBQ
pork puff 13.8K, deep fried man tao, baked egg tart
9.8K, steamed prawn cheong fan 15.8K. We also ordered
several plate of cold dishes: kaki babi 45.6K,
kuping babi 22.8K, sapi dingin 22.8K, lidah
22.8K, century eggs 22.8K, and also non-dimsum
items such as iga babi saus spesial 32.8K, ikan
teri Jepang
39.8K, tahu goreng lada garam 22.8K
and beef with japanese sauce 68K.
Ah Yat
 Overall, the meal were all delicious,
especially the century egg (there's only a small trace of
ammonia) and the yam dumpling (it's talas goreng, not
perkedel talas!). However, we felt very thirsty afterwards,
probably due to the savory meal. We will be back next week
to find out more :)

Golden Boutique Hotel
Jl. Angkasa No.1
Jakarta 10720
ph. +62(21) 6220-2338
fx. +62(21)

Bihun Bebek

Friday, we're planning to have dimsum with some friends at
Ah Yat, but when we arrive at the Golden Boutique
Hotel around lunch time, it was filled with people, and the
waiter outside the restaurant informed us that the Dimsum
menus were already sold out. We decided to go to ITC Mangga
Dua and have our lunch there instead. Since it was 2 days
before Eid-ul Fitri, some of the eateries there were closed.
Fortunately, we found a place called Bihun Bebek
that was still open. We got a table and started
to eat everything put in front of us as we were very hungry.
There were bakso ikan & talas goreng, 4 packs of
tape singkong @3K, 6 portions of bihun bebek
@26K, 2 portions of nasi kari, 1 roti cane + kari
20K, 2 portions of rujak @15K, 10 glasses
of liang teh. Overall, the meal was delicious, but we
were quite shocked when we paid as it was quite pricey. I
don't know whether this was because the coming Eid-ul Fitri
made the raw materials expensive or because this place does
have a higher price tags.
 Bihun Bebek Beijing
 Bihun Bebek Beijing
ITC Mangga
Dua Lt.1 A No.10-11
ph. +62(21) 6016441


Hong Kong

Lately, I
often find myself visiting this place. It is located on Jl.
Sunda (next to ATL Hayam Wuruk & Bakmi Gajah Mada). When
I first heard about this place, I was thinking of a place
with chinese interiors, but I was surprised when I entered
the building. It is chic & cool, bit white with
minimalist design. It has murals painted on the wall, white
& pink furniture and high ceiling. I instantly fell in
love with the decor. (plus they have a fast & free wifi,
and let us sit there for hours )
 Hong Kong Cafe

menus are quite extensive, there are various choices from HK
style fried rice, noodles (there are also instant noodle,
don't know whether it's the kind we know about :P ), baked
rice, baked spagetti, hot plates, soups, bread and sandwich
for breakfast, dim sum, and chinese style dessert such as
mango pudding, coconut pudding, durian pudding. From my
several visits, I always ordered their lamien noodles
selection (not in the menu book and you have to ask for it).
Their wonton noodle was delicious. Tried their sichuan
noodles too, but not impressed. For the drink, I always
order their 'hot honey lemon' 7.8K. Once I tried their
'seafood mushroom cream sauce baked rice' 26K (so so), SC
tried their 'fried seafood HK e-fu noodle' (so so juga), but
we both agreed that their 'durian pudding' 15K was awful and
one of the dimsum items, 'steamed crystal chives' 9.8K was
seriously delicious. :)
 Hong Kong Cafe
 Hong Kong Cafe
Jl. Sunda No.
Jakarta 10350
ph. +62(21) 310 7868
fx. +62(21)
310 7883
Jun Njan

About 2
months ago, Jun Njan opened their new branch at Pluit. So we
decided to have a family lunch there. The place was quite
crowded at lunch time, but fortunately we managed to get a
table. I don't really like the interior design. It looks
like that the designer was aiming for a minimalist look but
ended up with numerous ill-suited chinese decorations. It
makes the restaurant looks more crowded that it really is.
So we ordered: ayam garam, fish, prawn, kepiting
telur asin
, tofu, and fried noodle. Overall the meal was
OK, except the ayam garam was way too salty (the
restaurant manager promised to remedy this), while the tofu
and kepiting telur asin were delicious. We will visit
this place again someday.

jun Njan
 Jun Njan Restaurant
Jl. Pluit
Utara Raya no.41
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 9828-2250,

 Dimsum at Happy Dragon

Last month, we
have dimsum at Happy Dragon Pub located at Le-Grandeur Hotel
(Dusit). They offer dimsum buffet for only 42K++ (including
chinese tea) every Monday to Saturday (from 10.30am to
2.30pm), and 09.00am to 02.30pm every sunday and public
holiday. The restaurant ambience was quite unusual, it was
decorated to look like an ' Old China Town '. it was quite
colorfull, but I still feel weird when I saw a singing
dragon band painted on the wall of the stage.
 Happy Dragon Pub

seated, I start with a bowl of porridge, there's a lot of
condiment to add to the porridge. after that we start
picking steamed & fried dimsum, there we also several
type of cheong fan. Noodle stall & dessert stall.
Overall the food was OK, not too bad, but nothing special
too. I was more interested in the place decoration, and
checking the painting of Master Q (Lao Fu Zi) at the
restroom :P
Happy Dragon Pub
 Happy Dragon Pub

Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
ph. +62(21) 6128811
fx. +62(21)
For reservation, please contact ext.

 Dimsum at

Enticed by a
promotional banner that Sands is offering 50% off for
Dimsum, we decided to try it one Sunday morning. We arrived
quite early so we can still get a table without queueing.
After being seated, we were given a piece of paper to order
the dimsum. We found out that the discounted items was only
a small selection from the list, so we ordered the
discounted items plus a pot of Chinese Tea (Oolong, if I'm
not mistaken). The orders seemed to take forever to show up
that we have to nag the waiters several times for our order,
but other higher priced items were plentiful. There are
stalls serving noodle, porridge, etc on one side of the
restaurant and carts moving in and around the tables. I
wonder if this is a tactic to "encourage" starved guests to
go for the pricier items? We ended up picking up some of
them. They tasted quite delicious, but as expected,
expensive. We really disliked our tea because the water
tasted so weird. It was salty. For a place of Sand's
caliber, using contaminated water to brew its tea is simply
unforgivable. Overall, not recommended if you're looking for
an affordable dimsum.
 Later, we went downstairs (to the
Carrefour's level) to a Chinese Tea Shop called Siang
Ming Tea Shop
(a branch from the one at
Bungur's), They got a vast
selection of quality Chinese Tea and nice Yi Xing tea
. Bought a pack of rose tea, and had several a cup
of very decent tea prepared & poured by the owner
International Executive

Mangga Dua Square 5th Floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari
ph. +62(21) 6231 3300/2888

Visited this restaurant for dinner
several weeks ago, This place was an Old Chinese Restaurant
located at Kota served authentic Chinese Cuisine especially
Hakka Cuisine. Their 'Udang telor Asin' is one of my all
time favorite dishes, but since it was too expensive, this
time we didn't order that. We order one of Liyen's signature
dishes besides 'udang telor asin' is 'Ayam Garam' (salted
chicken), 'Babi Hong' (kiu nyuk), sapo seafood, fish soup
and noodles. Overall the meal was good, Their 'ayam garam'
was so delicious, their 'babi hong' was delicious but still
not as good as the one from
Angke Restaurant

, and if you didn't
order 'udang telor asin', you'll be surprised to find that
this place was indeed quite affordable :)
Li Yen
 Liyen Restaurant
Authentic Chinese

Jl. Asemka Raya no. 168A
Jakarta Kota
ph. +62(21) 693 0108 - 693 0208
fx. +62(21) 693
 Hao Chi

This place
was recommended by one of this blog's reader. From the menu,
looks like they offer Singaporean hawker cuisine although
there's several choices of Malaysian, H ongko ng and
Indonesian cuisine, so we ordered : 1 "mie pok" (flat egg
noodle topped with minced meat and black mushroom) 13K and 1
"kwetiau siram telor" 12K. My "mie pok" came with a bowl of
seaweed soup (love it so much). I don't really like the
noodle since I think its a bit soggy, the "kwetiaw siram"
was not bad, Overall the meal was good but most of all the
price is really reasonable, I think we'll be back to try
some other delicacies like : laksa bihun Singapore &
fish cake :)
 Hao Chi Dian
Muara Karang blok
O 8 T no. 42
ph. +62(21) 705- 88688

Wan Wei Xiang

Two days ago
we had dinner with several friends at a newly opened
restaurant located at Lokasari Complex, Mangga Besar.
There's no obvious signboard in front of the restaurant
(there's an almost similar restaurant called 'wan li xiang'
something just 2 doors away). From the name 'Suki' we knew
that this place served suki/hot pot, but they also served
Sichuan cuisine (a style of Chinese cuisine originating in
Sichuan Province of southwestern China which has an
international reputation for being hot and numbing
($BKcme(B), because of the common ingredient : Sichuan
peppercorn) There are over 100 choices of fish, chicken,
duck, pork, beef, mutton, bird, cooked in Sichuan style. We
started by ordering 2 portion of dimsum 15K with Chinese Tea
4K while waiting for our friends to arrive. The meal came
accompanied by a bowl of freshly made chilli oil for dipping
(not really hot). Then our friends arrived and we start
ordering, since none of us can speak "Mandarin" properly, we
choose the food using sign languages (pointing at the
pictures of food) :P And we ordered : 2 prawn herbal soup
cooked in bamboo at 68K each, 2 Keong Macan (their
specialty) 68K each, Pork parts cooked in special sauce 42K,
Spicy Frog 45K, Steamed "ikan kerapu" 158.4K, Kung Pao
Chicken 48K, hot & spicy beef 42K, duck soup 55K. All of
the meal were delicious (if you like hot and spicy meal) and
we really have a good time trying to pick out the "keong
macan", plus several glass of sangria and red wine and
chocolate from
chocolat factory

& royce
& pisgor kalimantan from sari rasa, Good friend &
good food, it was a heavenly dinner :)

Keong Macan
Wan Wei Xiang Suki

Komplek Lokasari
Blok A/6
Jl. Mangga Besar
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21)

Xin Wang Hong Kong

Last week I was meeting SC at Mall Taman
Anggrek, he took me to this new restaurant located beside
'Tawan'. Decorated in a warm ambience and red couch, it was
quite nice and the menu was quite interesting. from the menu
looks like their specialty is crab bihon (around 90K) - it
was to expensive for us so we decided to order some thing
else. So we ordered "minced pork cheese baked rice" 25.5K,
"fish hor fun" 24.5K, Teh "0" without sugar 5.5K, and
mineral water 8.5K (I noticed the drink is quite expensive).
In my opinion the taste of the food is just so so.. the
minced pork cheese baked rice tasted weird, I don't really
get the idea of mixing Chinese style sweet minced pork with
cheese, and the horfun was a bit oily. after the meal we
still feel thirsty so we decided to order the "red bean snow
ice" 18.5K :)
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Mall Taman
Basement LG
Jakarta - Indonesia
ph. +62(21)
563 9217
 Nan Xiang @ Mall Taman

weeks ago, we had late lunch at NanXiang restaurant located
at the top floor of Mall Taman Anggrek. Since I was so
hungry, we didn't order their specialty (xiao long bao), but
ordered 1 portion of "Mapo Tofu" 38K and 1 portion of "fried
prawn in salted egg yolk" 45K with several bowl of rice. In
my opinion the dish was not bad at all, the mapo tofu,
although not as spicy as I thought, is still acceptable lah,
and the fried prawn was delicious and it came in a very
reasonable price. I think this place's price is cheaper than
nanxiang at lagoon tower or Senayan City .
nan xiang
Mall Taman Anggrek
lt.4 Lot 415
ph. +62(21) 56998550
fx. +62(21) 56998551

One of
the restaurant we visited when we're in Medan is Nelayan,
Apparently this is quite large Chinese restaurant chain in
Medan , they have several restaurant located strategically
at shopping centers. The one we visited was located at Sun
Plaza . when we arrived, around 2PM the place was still very
crowded, we have to queue for a while to get a table, as
soon as we were seated, their waiter came with a tray of
dimsum selection and asked us to pick. We didn't even have
time to read all the menu listed in the paper :( so we
picked : lumpia udang saus jamur 8.5K, kaki ayam saus
tiram 8.5K, leng hong kien 12K, soup tim ayam obat 14K,
sayap ayam panggang 12K, kepiting lunak mentega 21K, keladi
special (u kok) 8.5K, ha kaou udang 12K, lumpia ayam sayur
hitam (I guess what they mean is nori) 8.5K, bakso kepiting
kulit tahu 12K and nasi tim ayam dalam bambu 11K.

Overall the meal was only so so (some of the item we ordered
are cold already, some taste weird), but I like the chicken
rice cooked in bamboo and the chicken herbal soup. Other
than that I really don't like their service style, kind of
push you to pick the food as soon as possible and leave
quickly because they have other customer waiting :( that's
not what I had in mind if I want to eat dimsum.

Dimsum at Nelayan
Mie Jaring
Nelayan Dimsum, Noodle &
Tea House

Sun Plaza Level III
Jalan Zainul
ph. +62 (61)4501192
 A night at Mangga

Mangga Besar
street at night are full with all range of food you can
imagine, from street vendor that offering a lot of chinese
food (Medanese) delicacies to sea food restaurant, sichuan
food, and even some extreme food like snake
satay/soup/blood, "biawak", monket meat - can be easily
found in here. But that night we decided not to go with the
extreme line, but just have some easy meal like "kwetiau
akang", "a kiaw baso", and "roti canai"
Kwetiau AkangKwe Tiau A Kang Medan
I already heard
about this famous kwetiau by A Kang from Medan for a long
time but never had chance to try it until now, so when SC
headed to ordered his fav "kwetiau sapi kuah" next door, I
went and sit at the kwetiau a kang and ordered 1 portion of
their famous 'kwetiau goreng' (cost about 20K) + 2 glass of
'liang teh', the place is considered very clean, and they
cook outside the restaurant. In 5 minutes a plate of kwetiau
was served on top of my table. when I first taste it, it
felt it was a bit tasteless, so I tried to add the condiment
such as, soysauce, pepper, chili sauce & 'acar bawang'
and mix it all together. at it taste quite alright, not bad
but maybe I was expecting too much :)
Tiau A Kang Medan

Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No.2C

West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 62317072

A Kiaw Baso

my not so fortunate event with 'kwetiau akang' I turned to
SC's bowl. His bowl looks more interesting than mine (I
guess 'makanan tetangga emang lebih enak daripada makanan
ndiri hehehe'), his meal consist of 2 bowl which had kwetiau
tops with cilantro and a spoon of fried garlic in one bowl,
and another bowl full with beef meat and a very tasty soup.
it was so delicious i can't help my self to help him clean
his bowl :P The origin of this restaurant is from the famous
'baso lebong' located at Lebong street at Medan which also
my friends favourite.
A Kiaw

kwetiau sapi kuah khas daging sapi
Jl. Mangga
Besar Raya 2B
ph. +62(21) 6291419
opening hours :
15:00 -24:00
Monday : 13:00-24:00
Roti CaneRoti Canai
After that we walk around
mangga besar street and saw alot of of Medanese food stall
(nasi campur pasar ramai, kue2 basah ala Medan ).. after
that we decided to tried roti canai (@5K) & kari kambing
(15K) sold by an Indian guy, not bad and the curry taste so
delicious served with 'acar timun & bawang', the 'roti
canai' tasted more delicous that any 'Penang restaurant' I
had ever tried in Jakarta. After that we tried... hehehe
just kidding, we already feel very full, we just go home :)


Ta Yang Suki

Ta yang Suki

We had
another hotpot several weeks ago at Tayang Suki restaurant
located at Pluit. Actually there were several hotpot
restaurant along this road that always had a lots of
customer (knew it by the number of cars park outside the
restaurant and cause the traffic along this road became very
slow during dinner time). It was already passed the dinner
time when we arrive, we get a table easily and ordered : 2
types of soup : tomyam & Chinese herbal soup (23.8K).
after that we shops for the ingredient to put into the pot :
pork wonton 12.8K, pork intestines (tito) 14.8K, ox tongue
16.8K, fish meatball with nori 12.8K, and 1 pack of ginseng
leaves 5.8K. after that we went back to our seat at watching
the friendly waiter prepare our meal, she put all the
ingredients inside the pot and after several minutes put it
into our bowl. overall it was a nice & warming dinner,
plus a good service & reasonable price :)
 Ta yang Suki
 Ta Yang Suki Restaurant
Pluit Putra Raya No.21
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21)
fx. +62(21)6690918


Golden Century Seafood

Last year we ended our dimsum marathon at a
place called : " Golden Century Seafood Village " located at
SCBD (the same are with Club Store). When we arrived around
noon, the restaurant already full with lots of family
chatting while having their dimsum. This place served all
you can eat HALAL dimsum for only 50K, and charged only 5K
for chinese tea. the restaurant ambience it self was not
very impressing, the red wall combined with greenish light,
+ several fish swimming sadly in the aquarium at the corner.
overal it makes me feel that I was having dimsum underwater
 Golden Century

dimsum menu was listed in a piece of paper, its about 35
item to pick, since we were too hungry to choose, we just
ordered it all. from steamed dumpling like : "steamed
siewmay with mushroom", "steamed shrimp dumpling", "steamed
BBQ chicken bun", several deep fried dumpling : "deep fried
shrimp dumpling", "deep fried sesame dumplinh", "deep fried
shrimp puff" etc, and ended it with a bowl of mango pudding.
(I don't think they gave us all of the dumpling listed in
the menu) In my oppinion, the dimsum here were just so so.
not too bad but no too good, but some of the dish like :
"compoy soup dumpling" is simply delicious.

Golden Century
Golden Century Seafood

Kawasan Niaga Terpadu (SCBD) Lot No.12
Jend Sudirman
South Jakarta 12190
ph. +62(21)
fx. +62(21) 5151822

izikayaLast week when I wrote about
Chonging Hotpot

, there were several
comments suggesting me to try a restaurant called "Izakaya"
at Pesanggrahan road. I've already passed this restaurant
several times but not interested to try it because the place
was so deserted and the name "Izakaya" supposed to mean
"Japanese drinking place which also serve food", but instead
of serving Japanese food, they offered Chinese food &
dimsum. However, those comments made me reconsider and
eventually decided to give it a try.
So last
Monday, SC & I drove to Izikaya. We arrived there at
around 8PM, but we were their only customers at that time. I
asked for "ma la tang", which they have, but we can't order
it in the same pot with the chicken broth, so we had to
order malatang & chicken broth in 2 different stoves,
and select about 5-6 inggredient to put in the pot. (btw the
price of malatang is almost twice the price of chicken
broth, and they didn't even state their prices on the menu).
Overall the meal was not bad, but not that special either.
The "malatang" was so hot and spicy with lots of dried
chillies and sechuan peppers in it, but aside from the
spicyness I couldn't taste anything else. I supposed
malatang should have more taste than just hot and all of
those dishes cost us about 175K (I don't think that was

Several days later, I put my comment about
Izakaya here, and said that I preferred
having hotpot at Haytian than Izakaya even though Haytian
didn't served malatang. That remark prompted a flurry of
comments vilifying Haytian (i.e. they put tons of MSG in
their soups, the soups contain lard that will makes you
'eneg') and praising Izakaya. I began to wonder whether
these are honest comments? So I checked the IP addresses of
those commenters and sure enough, they turned out to came
from the same IP address and they are using different names
to comment in this blog. I don't like that kind of people,
it's so malicious. So I erased their comments and promised
not to return to that place again. Jakarta has plenty of
decent and better hotpot restaurants than this one.

Tian Tian Hainanese
Chicken Rice

It was raining the whole day when I
started my adventure to find Maxwell food centre,
accompanied by chan's street directory I started to go to
Ikea at alexandra road first and then headed to maxwell
road, it was quite a big food court full with all tempting
& mouth watering stall that calling me to sit there, but
I made up my mind that I must find this place, so after
wondering trough all the stall I finally found it at the
back of the foodcourt. it was already passed the lunch time
so there's no queue at all, I ordered the big portion $3 of
their chicken rice & sat. Turned out this was the best
chicken rice i ever had in my whole life, the rice was
fragrant and cooked using a long grain rice, not oily at
all, and the steamed chicken was cooked to perfection
perfection, the meat's color was clean, smooth and so tender
i could cry when I was chewing it (my friend said I decribed
the chicken rice just like I describe a beautiful women) :P
no wonder this place got the number one best chicken rice in
Singapore from makansutra, much much better than loykee chicken rice
Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
 Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken

Maxwell Road Food Centre, Stall
Operating Hours :
11am to 8pm Closed
on Monday
 Ah Kow Mushroom Minced
Pork Noodle

bhak chor mee
 I knew this place from
makansutra, and I went to search
for it with zink, luckily we found it at last around lunch
time, there's a long queue in front of this stall, so we
joined the queue and after about 15 minutes, I sat in the
table facing my first "bhak chor mee" (mushroom minced pork
noodle) $3, the noodle is served with a soup ( a combination
of soy sauce, black vinegar, chili, pork oil) and topped
with : minced meat (pork), sliced mushrooms (hioko),
celery etc. resulting quite oily but very tasty &
delicious soup. :)
Ah Kow Mushroom Minced
Pork Noodle

block 531A Upper Cross Street
China Town - Singapore

The Chinese

ChongQing Hot Pot
Last week, I met Flona from
and she took us to this restaurant for dinner. This place
speciality was ChongQing style hot pot (anyone know where
this kind of hotpot can be found in Indonesia ?). Decorated
in modern Chinese interior, with several Chinese opera mask
pasted on the wall. since its a buffet dinner, we can choose
from a big list of dish (seafood, pork, chicken, mushroom,
vegetables) to put into the soup, we choose 2 kind of soup
base (Ma-La Tang and Faithful Chicken Soup),
edamame was served as appetizer, an we also got several
sellection of Dian Xin such as "Xiao Long Tang Bao",
"fried buns" etc. ( I didn't know all the 'dian xin' name :P
) and ice cream of the day for dessert. Overall it was a
wonderfull experience, the 'Ma La Tang' was so delicious,
tasty and hot. but I still wish it was hotter than that.
They also have 4 types of dipping sauces, btw they also
served the most delicious tea : "Ba Bao Cha" (eight treasure
tonic tea). Thx alot ya Flo *hugs*
Chinese Feasts
- Chong Qing Hot Pot @ Suntec

B1-061 Suntec City Mall, No. 3
Singapore 038983

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found in this incoming message.
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