Friday, September 12, 2008

[FireHeart - Exploring Worlds of Fantasy] The First FireHeart Bookis Released!

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Hi, fellow readers,

I just want to inform you that the first FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins novel, the Bounty Hunters is now available in print (good quality paper book)!

Well, the catch is, it was published in Indonesian Language under the title: "FireHeart - Legenda Paladin (Buku Satu) Sang Pemburu". I guess the term "think globally, act locally" has something to do with this, but hey! It's a start.

I thank God for His bountiful blessing, considering it has been three years since I began this project back in January 2005, finished the first of the trilogy in April 2006, submitting it to several (if not a few) publishers who would consider unsolicited manuscripts, got rejected every time. An Indonesian publisher got interested in my blog and I translated it in Indonesian. It took me another year or so until its release.

Thus, the journey didn't end here. As I said, it's a start, so there is plenty of work to do ahead. Among them: promoting the first novel, submitting the english version and finalizing the final book of the Paladins Trilogy: The Lion, the Eagle and the Serpent (title may vary).

Well, I thank you all for visiting, reading and following FireHeart NovelBlog.
If there's any other way to express my gratitude, I'll do it.

Fulfill your destiny, and see you... on the other side.

Andry Chang (BJ Vadis)


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