Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[vadismart - the cybermall] Pinhole Glasses!

Improve your vision without using prescription eyeglasses!

Are you tired of constantly changing your prescription eyeglasses to meet the ever-increasing power of your lenses? Do you wonder why in spite of wearing them your eyesight is getting weaker day-by-day?Would you like to use a single pair of glasses lifelong for correcting vision due to eye problems like myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), or problems related to computer use?
Here is a solution!

We offer a scientific way to restore clear vision. Use Pinhole glasses to overcome impaired vision owing to any common refractive eye disorders. Pinhole glasses block indirect rays from entering the eye thus preventing them from distorting your vision. Pinhole glasses are

    • Completely Natural
    • Scientific
    • Really Effective
    • Durable &
    • Affordable

alternatives to prescription eyeglasses.

Pinhole glasses...

Acupuncture Massager

$125 [Free shipping]

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1 pair Pinhole-glasses

$14.95 [Free shipping]

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Are effective and helpful in restoring vision for a number of eye disorders like myopia, hyperopia, cataract and astigmatism. Click to read more...
It is also useful over all distances. Whether it is for reading, for watching TV, or for working on the computer, one pair suits all purposes.

Allows only direct and coherent light rays to pass through. It does not allow indirect rays from distorting the true images formed by the direct rays entering in your eyes. Find out more about how pinholes work and the science behind its working here...

Do not employ concave lenses in correcting your vision. This prevents your eyesight from weakening due to wearing lenses, a common opthalmologic phenomenon called Acquired Myopia.

Increase brightness of image of objects. This allows you to see better in norma circumstances.

Are made with laser technology. They are highly effective, quality tools.

Are sturdy and long lasting. You need not worry as its performance does not get affected by scratches and marks on the lenses.

Unlike prescription eyeglasses, are a one-time investment. It saves you trouble and the money you would otherwise spend on changing your eyeglasses every now and then.


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